Welcome to the Internet Home for Veterans of the 
United States Army, 1st Signal Brigade - Viet Nam.

If you are a Signal Corps veteran, welcome home brother.  If not, please spend some time here to learn more about the contribution of those whose motto was:

"First to Communicate."

We now find ourselves nearly 30 years after the United States' final evacuation from Viet Nam and our veterans are only now beginning to discover the recognition they deserve.  Because of this newfound pride in our contribution to the war effort, more and more of us are seeking out the friends and comrades we had there.  It is with this in mind that this website has been created.  To help Signal Corps veterans find one another.

The First Signal Brigade has a significant history which began with the Viet Nam War and continues on today in South Korea.  The brigade was a major contributor to the war effort in South East Asia.  For example, did you know that the brigade had more troops in-country than any other unit?  Please read the unit's history for more information you probably didn't know.

The brigade's history is also reflected in the details of the unit's insignia.  Both the shoulder patch insignia and distinctive insignia bear evidence to the unit's rich history. 

In addition to the educational benefit of this web site, many of our veterans have contributed stories, memories, messages and photos of their experiences to share with others.  Please take the time to browse these pages and look for names you might know.  If you are a veteran of the 1st and want to contribute, just email the webmaster.

I do not claim originality for most everything on this web site.  Much of the text and some of the pictures were blatantly stolen from other web sites.  Including the official web site for the 1st Signal Brigade, now headquartered in Korea.  Please visit that and many other sites I have listed in the Links section.  If you find a broken link please let me know.

You may also be interested in joining our Yahoo discussion group.  You can find it at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/signal_corps. The group is there as an addition to this web site to help fellow Signal Corps Viet Nam veterans find each other and share other information of general interest.

Please let the webmaster know what you think of this site.  It is only through criticism and suggestions that we will see it continue to grow and improve.


1st Signal Brigade
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