First Signal Brigade Reunions

Some of our brothers have the time, energy and drive to take on the daunting mission of organizing a reunion of their units.  Here is a list of the upcoming and recent reunions that have been submitted.


1st Signal Brigade Association
Brigade Reunion 3-4 September 2004

Most of you know that the 1st Signal Brigade Association is holding a reunion in the Washington , DC area on September 3-5, 2004. We have a database of Brigade veterans that was created from listings in several web sites (Phulam, 21st Sig Gp, 37th Sig Bn, 39th Sig Bn, 44th Sig Bn, 258th Sig Bn, 369th Sig Bn, 459th Sig Bn, 57th Sig Co, 167th Sig Co, 327th Sig Co, 362nd Sig Co, 550th Sig Co as well as e-mails submitted to the Association).


Much of the data in the Brigade database is incomplete. The Association has created a web site, , that contains a lot of information on the Brigade as well as registration forms.  Visit the web site frequently to get the latest details.


Please register your information on the Brigade web site even if you have previously submitted your information by e-mail. This will insure that our database is up to date.


We have a great reunion planned so let us know that you will attend and make your reservations as detailed in the web site.

Merv Norton

The reunion of members and former members of the 1st Signal Brigade will be held on Friday and Saturday, 3-4 September 2004 at the Holiday Inn Rosslyn, Virginia at the Key Bridge across the historic Potomac River from Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

Please plan to attend and tell all of your buddies that served in the Brigade to pack up the family and bring them on to Washington, D.C. to enjoy the weekend and have the time of their lives amongst friends and family in and around our Nation's Capital. Please do not forget the cameras.

You are responsible for making your own hotel reservations. Call 1-800-368-3408 or 703-807-2000 for reservations at the 1st Signal Brigade Association Reunion (Code:SBA) special rate of $89.00 per night, plus 9.75% tax. Hotel rooms will be available beginning 02 September 2004.

Please make your reservations as soon as possible. The cutoff date for reservations is 20 August 2004.

More information is forthcoming.
I am the Secretary of the 1st Signal Brigade Association and I have created a database of former members taken from the list of those that attended the 2000 reunion, the 459th Signal Battalion web listing, the 37th Signal Battalion web listings and the First Signal Brigade - RVN web listing. Only about 40% of these listings contain an email address. Additional names from the 39th Signal Battalion will be added in a few days, My database contains over 1000 names and over 600 email addresses.
My request to you is to send me, by a return email, verification of your:
email address
full name
phone number
Brigade unit you served with
Years that you served in the Brigade
Grade while in Brigade
Grade at retirement if retired.
Please send the same information of any others that you know that also served in the Brigade, if and only if you have an email address or mailing address..
Merv Norton
1st Signal Brigade Association


Phu Lam Signal Facility Reunion 2005

65 Phu Lam veterans attended the last Phu Lam Reunion in San Antonio TX
September 2003.  The next Phu Lam Reunion will be held in 2005.   Location
and details will be posted on our web site:

Howard Hickman

1st Signal Brigade
United States Army
Republic of Viet Nam
Updated 07/25/2004

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