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"I still believe in spite of everything that people are really good at heart."  Anne Frank
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  •    This webquest is to help students gain a better understanding of Anne Frank's life and the events surrounding what caused her ultimate demise, the Holocaust.  The ultimate goal is to create an ABC book using PowerPoint, based on all knowledge learned during this webquest and reading of The Diary of Anne Frank.

  •     This webquest is geared for students grades 7-9 in a Language Arts class.  However, older students and history students may also find it intriguing and useful.

  •      The webquest itself is designed for three 50-minute class days.  The entire unit takes 3-4 weeks to complete.                                                                                                                                Back to Top


      Anne Frank was a young girl whose life comes alive when reading her story, The Dairy of Anne Frank.  People all over the world are able to see what life as a persecuted Jew was like during World War II; thus gaining an appreciation for the sacrifices people made in the struggle to stay alive.  Anne Frank did not become famous until after her death in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and after the liberation of all concentration camps.  Otto Frank, the only surviving member of the people hiding in the Secret Annex, later had Anne's dairy published.
    It is imperative that before anyone begins to read the dairy they gain a sense of appreciation and understanding of how and why the Frank family went into hiding on July 6, 1942.  Once the foundation of this knowledge has been laid, then a full cognizance of the dairy can take place.                                                                      Back to Top

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     You have just been hired to create a small book representing Anne Frank and the people who suffered the Holocaust.  Your task is to investigate the following sites and complete the given directions to gather pertinent information for your book.  Good luck and take to heart everything you learn.                                  Back To Top


  1. Read both of the following biographies on Anne Frank and Miep Gies.  By clicking on the link, you will be taken to a page of questions which you need to print.  When you are done printing, click on the next link to take you to the appropriate article.
                    Anne Frank Worksheet                                              Miep Gies Worksheet                                        

       2.  Look at two of the following archives of pictures of the Holocaust.  Copy and paste the address (to a Word document), of any that you think you could use in your book.  When you are done viewing the pictures gather in your small groups and discuss the feelings you had when looking at the pictures and what lessons you learned from viewing them.       
                       To Gallery of Holocaust Pictures                                                       To pictures of Auschwitz                  

3.  Poetry can conjure images and feelings unlike any other form of writing.  Visit at least two poetry sites.  When you are finished reading the poems, choose one and in 1-2 paragraphs answer the following questions:  What is the poem's name and who is the author? Why did you choose this particular poem?  What feelings and images did it provoke in your mind?  What is the most moving line(s) in the poem?  What is your overall reaction?                   

          Dachau Poem              Last Hour Poem             1945 Poem            Daniel Poem              Holocaust Poems      

4.  Read The Dairy of Anne Frank in class.  Participate in all class activities and instruction.                             annecover.gif (4338 bytes)
5.  The last 15 minutes per class day watch the film Anne Frank Remembered. Participate in all class discussions regarding the film and insight it provides into the book and the Holocaust in general                              annevideo.gif (11548 bytes)
6.  Create an ABC Book using PowerPoint as explained in the evaluation section of this webquestBack To Top



  • Access to the Internet for students and the URL's provided in this webquest.

  • Pen or pencil to complete activities.

  • Worksheets to accompany students visiting Anne Frank websites, links to worksheets are provided.

  • Theme paper for students to write their reaction paragraphs to the poetry.

  • Copies of The Dairy of Anne Frank.

  • Copy of the film Anne Frank Remembered

  • PowerPoint software to create ABC books.

  • Color Printer to print PowerPoint slides to fold into a book.

  • Computer Projector to have students present their ABC books.                                        Back To Top


This evaluation includes the following:
  1. Any required work from this webquest or other classroom requirements will be a part of your daily grade.
  2. Create the book you have been hired to write using PowerPoint.
                    Choose ten letters of the alphabet with corresponding topics.  Each letter topic must be from information gathered from the webquest, reading of the novel, or watching of the film.
                    Use one letter per page, in alphabetical order.  Write the letter on the page.
                    Write a 5-8 sentence paragraph explaining what your topic for that page is about.
                    Insert a picture which symbolizes your topic and paragraph.  This picture can be from the Internet, drawn using a program, or scanned.
                    Design a cover for your book.  Be sure to include a catchy title, a picture and your name.   This will be your first slide.  
  3. Print your slides and staple into a book format.  Be prepared to be called upon to give your presentation in class, using PowerPoint and the computer projector.
                                                                                                                                               Back To Top


      I hope this webquest has allowed you to see a more in-depth, through look at the courage of Anne Frank and others who struggled to survive the Holocaust.   Always remember the lessons you have learned and at all times do your best to treat all people fairly; we are all equals and no one has the right to persecute others.                         Back To Top