From: "Michael J. Herron-Lusk" <>

Hi! My name is Gwydion (mundane name: Mike). I live in Augusta, Georgia, but
grew up in Upstate South Carolina (Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson area). I am
an elder of the Caledonii Grande Tradition (although sometimes I wonder if I'm
old enough at 34 to be an elder, LOL--although coven & trad elder is not the
same as community elder--I'm the first one to admit I still have much to learn
and experience). I was first introduced to Wicca and Paganism in 1985 and was
initiated in 1987. I studied with Grey Cat and NorthWind in 1990 to see what
other trads were like even though I already was 3rd and elder (at quite a young
age, I think now). That was a great experience! It helps to see how other
groups work. I am gay and have been partnered with a wonderful person (albeit
Christian) for almost 5 years. We have 3 cats: Conrad, age 12; Roxie and
Velma, both age 1. Conrad is still miffed that we brought in the two
whipper-snappers, although he treats them like his own children when he thinks
no one is looking. ;-) I'm looking forward to browsing the web site and
offering my comments on issues concerning Wiccan/Pagan ethics.

Merry Meet!
Gwydion L'Un D'Ours

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