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    Some folks may be wondering just where the hell I am ....others may be
wondering who the hell I am :o)

   I haven't had access to my E Mail for a week so I'm just getting cought
up today.

I'd like to thank Gray Cat for adding me to the list. I'll stay on and try
it for a little while.

    My name is Clint Searcy although Im seen on line as "RainWolf" most of
the time.I'm 29 years old. Male,Hetero,Married, have no kids....want no
kids. Its not that I hate kids... I just prefer borrowing to owning.I was
born on Castle AFB in CA. As an Air Force brat I lived all over that country
before we moved to FL. where I lived for 17 years before moving to TN. Ive
lived in TN for 6 years now.I live in Ashland City TN as I have for a few
      I've been a witch for some years now. Its hard to say when exactly I
"Turned" witch. I was never a Christian. I was raised with no faith and
eventually because I devout Atheist. As an atheist I studied other faiths
just so I could make fun of them and pick them apart. Christianity was were others. I though witchcraft would be easy too.....boy was I
wrong. As an Atheist I more or less worshiped science. I saw man as being
the closest thing to God.As I studied witchcraft I started to see that the
teachings of Witch Craft didn't conflict with science. It completes it.
Magic is simply unexplained science. More on that later...... :o)

     These days I call my self an "AmericianSolitaryWitch" because I dont
believe in letting others judge my relationship with daity. My faith is not
Subject to debate....but feel free to comment on it anytime. I dont use the
word Wicca anymore because too many folks have attached to it so many rules
that I dont agree with. I feel that we all have to find our own place....our
own pace...our own way to learn. So I dont see covens as bad things as many
of my Solitary brothers and sisters do. Its simply an other way to Christianity on Satanism or Buddhism or Hindu. they all have
there place.

      Personally, I spend most of my study time studying Music Majick. I've
been a musician for many years and have played in a few bands in FL. Im
working on a new demo at the moment and will let you know when its done. I
am a professional Industrial mechanic by trade and for fun I mess around
with old VW bugs. I have 2 right now.

      Personality wise I am an honest person. Sometimes that makes me hard
to deal with because I have lost that thing that tells people when to keep
there mouth shut. In other words....if I see you doing something stupid I'll
say so and expect you to do the same for me. Some folks can't deal with
that. So I have few friends.....but those few are REAL friends. I trust and
count on them. Something else I pride my self on is integrity. If I tell you
I'll do something....I'll do it and if I tell you I didn't....I didn't. Im
also young and brash at times and make many mistakes. I hope to live long
enough to make name more too.

Thats all for now :o)

Ever Learning
Clint "RainWolf" Searcy

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