From: Thomas M Henderson

Grey Cat

Here's that bio for you. make any changes you see fit.

I first started learning about magick and readings and such from my Grandmother, who was what you would probably call a Hedge Witch. She certainly wasn't what we would call Wiccan by today's standards. She started me off doing the usual basic exercises when I was about 15.

When I turned 16 she took me to see a friend of hers who after a couple of visits agreed to teach me. (My grandmother wasn't a good teacher and she knew it.) I studied with "Virgina" for about a year. During this time she had me concentrating on how to do different kinds of readings, and also some of the smaller magick's. She also taught me how to apply "strategy" when using magick.

After I graduated from High School I went into the Air Force. It was there I met "Mac." Mac was one of those teachers you always hear about and never see. He was my "true" teacher, if you know what I mean. He taught me a style of magick that emphasized handling energy directly rather than using props. He didn't object to props if they were used as mood setters and not relied on to provide energy, expertise, or other qualities you didn't have. I learned more from him than I can ever adequately convey. I guess I should mention here that the training I received from Mac has all the earmarks of Shamanic training; though he never said anything at all about the source of his information. I suppose there are only so many ways such training can be accomplished.

I was 19 when I finally came into contact with Wicca. This was in 1974 when you really didn't want to try to come out of the broom closet. I found that I had known several people who belonged to an Alexandrian Coven for quite some time before I found out they were Craft. Needless to say I was totally fascinated and felt very much like I was coming home. I know that phrase is overused but it's true none the less. During the time I studied with the Antares Coven I attained 2nd degree.

In 1976 I left the U.S. for a short tour overseas, and also started on a long road as a solitary. I am still solitary though I have many connections with different Pagan/Wiccan groups and people. Over the years I have learned and taught many things, though actually I am more of a professional student. I am retired from the Air Force now after twenty years and was recently given 3rd degree. (Given? More like clobbered.) And now I am in the process of regrouping my life again. (And again.... The Lady never lets up.)

To sum things up I am a Wiccan of 24+ years now, with specialties in Magick, (Energy Work), Healing, Numerology, (double digit), and Teaching. I am an excellent teacher but I should qualify that by saying that I am unable to teach at a basic level. (Hmmm, that sounds suspiciously like an oxymoron.)

Well, I think I've bored you long enough now so I will leave it at that.

The best to you and yours, and may the Lady watch over you.


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