Jake "The Snake" Roberts VS. Diamond Dallas Page III: The Final Gauntlet

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

ATLANTA, GA: Match I. (see Benoit VS. Austin: WarGames)

It is the DDT VS. The Diamond Cutter here!!!  Late in the match, DDP goes to the top rope to deliver a double-axhandle to his former mentor and idol.  Jake, however, catches him in the mid-section as he is coming down!!!  With DDP doubled over, Jake gets in his DDT but doesn't go for the cover!!!  Instead, he tells the ref to count to 10!!!  DDP just makes it up at the nine count!!!  Jake moves in with a kick to the guts and goes for another DDT but DDP picks him up into the air, spins him and hooks the "Diamond Cutter"!!!  Jake, however, is near the ropes and puts a leg on the bottom strand to stop the three count.  DDP picks up Jake but Jake pokes him in the eye!!!  Jake whips him into the ropes and tries a hiptoss but DDP, in mid-air, turns it into a DDT (The Diamond Dream)!!!  DDP covers and gets the three count!!!  He does make the mistake, however, of celebrating too long!!!  Jake, recovered from the surprise move, hooks a reverse-DDT (Scorpion DeathDrop) on DDP!!!  Jake is screaming abusive words at DDP as Kimberly rushes the ring to try and beg Jake off of her husband!!!  Jake grabs her and, at first, looked like he would DDT Kimberly!!!  Instead, he lets her go, gets "Damien" (his pet snake) and drapes him over Kimberly!!!  Kimberly is in a state of shock!!!  She is too petrified to even scream!!!  Several officials come in to help DDP and to make Jake get the snake off of Kimberly!!!  Finally, Jake removes the snake and walks off laughing sadistically as he leaves a scared Kimberly Page and an unconscious DDP!!!

STURGIS, SD: Match II (see Nikita VS. Goldberg)

In this bout, there were no rules as the only way to win was to put your man down for a 10 count!!! A knockout could come at anytime with either the DDT or the Diamond Cutter!!! This match stems from where Jake DDT'ed DDP twice and scared the living crap out of Kimberly (DDP's wife), so DDP had a lot of motivation here!!! Anyway, this bout saw both men use chairs, tables, even motorcycles on each other (as ramming boards)!!! Ten minutes into it, DDP goes for the "DC" but Jake throws him off into the ref!!! When DDP turns around, Jake kicks him in the gut and nails him with the DDT!!! Jake should've won this match but there is no ref to count as it is way past ten seconds!!! Jake, feeling sadistic, goes outside the ring and gets a steel chair!!! He is about to DDT DDP on the chair when Kimberly runs out (wearing a white blouse, blue jeans and black cowboy boots) and kicks Jake in the n*ts from behind!!! This gives DDP time to backdrop Jake on the chair!!! DDP then picks up Jake, rams him back first into the corner and slaps the "DC" on the chair on Jake!!! By this time, Kimberly is gone and the ref is back up!!! He counts Jake out as DDP (and Kimberly) get their revenge on "The Snake"!!!


DDP is wrestling NWA United States Heavyweight Champion Magnum TA at a house show taping at The Forum for NWA World Wide Wrestling. Magnum has controlled most of this twenty minute thriller but DDP is making a comeback now!!! DDP has just nailed Magnum with his "discus clothesline"!!! He is now ready to rock at he peppers Magnum with four left jabs and a big right hand that decks Magnum!!! He now signals for the "Diamond Cutter" but as he comes in, Magnum gets in a short right hand that backs up DDP!!! Magnum follows up the gap with a dropkick that knocks DDP down!!! Magnum comes up and gets DDP and sends him into the ropes!!! Magnum sets up for his belly to belly suplex but DDP holds on to the ropes to save himself from the move!!! Magnum rushes DDP but DDP sidesteps him and sends him into the ropes!!! When Magnum comes off, DDP catches him with the "DC"!!! DDP goes for the cover but as the ref was coming down for the three, someone comes out and drags the ref to the outside and gives him the DDT on the outside!!! It is Raven, his former "classmate" when he and Raven was breaking into the sport under the teachings of Jake "The Snake" Roberts!!! DDP goes to the outside by diving over the top rope on top of Raven!!! He picks Raven up and throws him into the ring!!! Once there, DDP goes to the top rope and nails him with a clothesline from the top rope!!! He then picks up Raven and has him in a corner (Magnum is just coming around from the "DC" but he is still out of it)!!! DDP screams, "Where's Jake!!! I know he's here you little bastard!!! Where is he!!!" DDP gets his answer when Jake comes in from behind and nails him with a steel chair to the back!!! He then hooks the "Scorpion DeathDrop" version of the DDT on DDP!!! Raven is now joining his mentor and is stomping a mudhole in DDP!!! "Pick him up Raven!!!," orders Jake!!! Raven now has DDP on his feet and Jake is going to work with lefts and rights to the body and the head of DDP!!! Then, Jake sets up the chair flat and has Raven join him in a double-front facelock on Page!!! They were going to double-DDT him on the chair!!! I said were because before they could execute it, Magnum TA comes back into the ring with the US title belt and nails first Jake and then Raven in the back of the head with it!!! He then brains Jake with the belt and (as Raven walked forward) nails Raven with his belly to belly suplex!!! The demented DDT masters decide to head for the high ground as Magnum stands his ground defending DDP!!! DDP gets to his feet and he and Magnum leave together!!! One could sense, though, that DDP was an angry man!!!


At a live WCW Nitro at the Showpalace, Jake and Raven are conducting an interview with "Mean" Gene Okerland. Jake and Raven explan their actions against DDP:

ROBERTS: You know something Gene, the funny thing about people is that when they get to the top, they tend to forget about the people that help them get there in the first place. That's your mistake Page, you forgot about me and this man (pointing at Raven) right here. You call your "Diamond Cutter" the hold of the '90's but, as Coke would say, "there is nothing like the real thing" and that's the DDT.

RAVEN: Page. What you have entered is a one way ticket to hell and maddness. "The Snake" and the Raven made you what you are today, and it'll be these two forces that destroy you. So it is written, so it shall come to pass. Quothe The Raven, Nevermore!!!

Later in that program, WCW Executive JJ Dillion comes out with an announcement for WCW Halloween Havoc in Durham, NC:

JJ DILLION: Earlier tonight you heard the comments of Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Raven and it is obvious that this feud between these two men and Diamond Dallas Page has not been settled!!! I was just on the phone with DDP and he wants steel cage match w/bunkhouse rules for Halloween Havoc on October 28!!! Now, we gave DDP and Jake the go ahead but only after they signed a waiver absolving WCW of any responsibility for this match!!! The WWF has also made Jake sign a similiar waiver so this match is non-sanctioned!!!

Later that night, Page had this to say in a taped interview:

PAGE: You know, it is so unbelievable that it has come to this. Now Raven, I have nothing to say to you because you were always a big, whining loser who always blamed everyone else but the "man in the mirror". But Jake........(shaking his head) what the hell has gotten into you man? First, you DDT me on several occassions. Then, you scare the living daylights out of my wife Kimberly. Now, you and that stooge (the anger in his voice becoming more apparent) cost me the chance to become NWA US Champion!!! So, Jake, as much as it pains me to do because you were my idol when I broke into the sport, I must destroy you!!! BANG!!!!!


This card is coming from Durham, NC. Commentators for this one is Tony Schivone and Bobby "The Brain" Hennan. Only the WWF and NWA showed up for this one but it was an exceptional card:

Owen Hart VS. Tully Blanchard (WCW World Television Title Match)

The former NWA World TV Champion was going for the WCW version against the crafty Owen Hart!!! Both men traded the advantage several times in this special 20 minute time limit bout!!! The tide change at the 15 minute mark when Owen nailed Blanchard with his "insiguri" kick!!! Unfortunately, the force of the blow knocked Blanchard into the referee!!! Owen, undaunted, quickly put Blanchard in the "Sharpshooter" for a possible submission!!! At this point, Arn Anderson came down and DDT'ed Owen, breaking the "Sharpshooter"!!! He then tried to place Blanchard on top for the pin before the ref woke up but Bret Hart, Owen's brother, came down and knocked Anderson out of the ring!!! He then put Tully in the piledriver and put Owen on top of Blanchard!!! The ref came around and counted Blanchard down and Owen retained the WCW TV belt!!!

Raven VS. Magnum TA VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (NWA United States Heavyweight Title Match/Triple Threat Rules)

In this match, the last man remaining will be the NWA US Champ!!! In other words, two of the three men would have to be beaten in order for a winner to be decided!!! There were virtually no rules and pinfalls were the only means to win!!! Magnum went into this match against the devious Raven and his arch-rival "Stone Cold" with some high intensity but both of his opponents were up to the task!!! The three men fought inside, outside, up the aisle and even into the stands Ten minutes into the match, Austin went for the "Stone Cold Stunner" on Magnum but Raven kicked Austin in the guts before the move could be applied!!! Raven, just as quickly, hooked Austin in the position for the DDT but Magnum clotheslined him before he could drop with the hold!!! Raven went backwards into the corner and Austin caught him with the "Stunner" as he came out of the corner!!! Magnum then snuck in and covered Raven for the pin and the elimination of Raven!!! Austin took advantage of Magnum's position and began to stomp on Magnum almost immediately after he got the pinfall!!! Austin is laying in some rights to the face of Magnum!!! Austin then flips a "double-bird" in the face of Magnum that fires him up!!! He blocks a punch from Austin and throws a right of his own and the two are trading back and forth!!!! Austin ends the stalemate with a quick kick to the stomach!!! Austin then continues to brawl with Magnum but mixes it with some wrestling!!! The advantage trades for about seven more minutes until Raven returns to ringside!!! Magnum has, by this time, regained the advantage!!! He has Austin going with right hands and dropkicks!!!! Austin rakes the eyes to get some breathing room!!! Raven then grabs Magnum and tries to hold him for Austin!!! Austin then charges at Magnum but Magnum moves and Austin hits Raven!!! When Austin turns around, Magnum nails him with the "SCS"!!! Austin is still conscious and bounces up on his feet but he is stunned!!! Magnum takes advantage and gets in his belly to belly suplex for the pin!!! Magnum is still the NWA United States Champion!!!

Dusty Rhodes VS. The Disco Inferno

In the biggest squash of the night, "The American Dream" totally had his way with the game Disco!!! Disco had a total of two minutes advantage time in this ten minute slaughter as Rhodes destroyed him!!! This tourture match was ended mercifully when Rhodes dropped his patened "Bionic Elbow" for the pin!!!

Miss Jacqueline VS. Chyna

In this anticipated ladies brawl, Chyna and Jacqueline had a fight that would make most of the male wrestlers blush!!! Chyna did have a height advantage and a slight strength advantage but Jacqueline held her own with her experience advantage (Chyna has only been a pro since 1996)!!! Near the eight minute mark, Chyna went in for a clothesline, Jacqueline ducked her arm, flipped around Chyna, hooked in a front facelock and DDT'ed Chyna!!! This stunned Chyna long enough for Jacqueline to get the pin!!! As Jacqueline was leaving, however, Chyna nailed her with a dropkick to the back of the head!!! Chyna then ripped up her wrestling outfit, leaving Jacqueline in only her bra and her G-string panties!!! Chyna then gave Jacqueline "The Human Torture Rack" backbreaker!!! Finally, help in the form of Harlem Heat and some refs came but Chyna had done her damage!!! She left the ring as the loser of the match but satisfied nonetheless!!!

The British Bulldogs/The Hart Foundation VS. The Road Warriors/The Steiner Bros. (Eight Man Tag Team Match)

Both teams formed out of respect for this eight man tag match!!! The Bulldogs and Harts controlled the match using technique and science with some rulebreaking while the Warriors and Steiners used power, brutality, and science (from the Steiners)!!!! Ten minutes into it, Bret Hart attempted a flying bodypress but Road Warrior Animal turned it into a powerslam!!! Jim Neidhart came in to prevent the pin!!! Then, all eight men came into the ring and the fight was on!!! It was Hawk VS. Davey Boy Smith & Bret VS. Animal on the inside while Neidhart and Dynamite fought the Steiners on the outside!!! Suddenly, Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen along with TAZ, SCSA and Perry Saturn snuck in and put a whipping on the four in the ring!!! The respective partners stopped fighting long enough to see what was going on and teamed up to get the members of Ass-Whippers, Inc.!!! It was 8 VS. 5 but you couldn't tell as Ass-Whippers, Inc. held their own against the Harts, the Bulldogs, the Warriors and the Steiners!!!! Officials and referees finally managed to get the two factions seperated!!! With the fight settled down, all eight men shook hands and embraced each other to a nice ovation from the Durham crowd!!!

Rick Steamboat VS. Dan "The Beast" Severn

In this match, Steamboat faced on of his stiffest test as he took on former UFC Superfight Champion Dan Severn!!! Both men neutralized each other with wrestling so Steamboat used his superior quickness and martial arts to throw Severn off balance!!! Severn, in contrast, used his strong mat game to neutralize Steamboat's quickness!!! This bout was a stalemate that went to a 20 minute draw!!! Both men shook hands afterwards and left the ring!!!

Ken Shamrock VS. Nikita Koloff

The friend and sometimes partner of Bill Goldberg went up against Goldberg enemy Nikita Koloff!!! This was a brutal encounter with the advantage being in the corner of Koloff due to more ring time!!! Koloff had Shamrock set up for the "Russian Sickle" clotheline but Shamrock took him down by the legs as Koloff came charging in!!! He then came up with the anklelock for a possible submission when Ivan Koloff came in and nailed Shamrock with the steel chain!!! The ref called for the DQ!!! Goldberg came out to stop the Koloffs from doing more damage as the Koloffs retreat for higher ground!!!!

Bruiser Brody/Stan "The Lariat" Hansen VS. The Midnight Express (Unified World Tag Team Title Match)
In this match, Brody and Hansen put their NWA, WWF and WCW tag straps on the line against the vaunted NWA US Tag Champions!!! You wouldn't know it by looking at this match, however, as Brody and Hansen pounded the Midnights, not giving them opportunities to use their double team tactics!!! Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane were fortunate that their titles weren't on the line as they took a thrashing here!!! Even Jim Cornette and his tennis racquet was neutralized because, late in the match, Cornette went for a cheap shot with the racquet on Brody but TAZ of A.S., Inc. came down and slapped the "TAZ-mission" on Cornette!!! Lane came over to help and was nailed with a side kick from Perry Saturn (who came out of nowhere!!!)!!! Meanwhile, in the ring, Eaton was putting up a valiant struggle against Brody and Hansen but was caught with the boot of Brody and then the "lariat" clothesline from Hansen!!! Brody covered for the pin and the win!!! On the outside, TAZ still had his "TAZ-mission" on Cornette while Lane was being stoomped by Saturn and now SCSA!!! On the inside, Brody devestated Eaton with a piledriver and Hansen was now dropping repeated elbows on Eaton!!! "My goodness!!! Look at this carnage Bobby Hennan!!!" yellls Tony Schivone. "Well Tony!!! Ass-Whippers, Inc. should call themselves 'Eliminators, Inc.' because they are destroying the Midnight Express!!!", proclaims Bobby Hennan. Finally, A.S., Inc. stops the carnage and leave together with their hands raised to a shower of boos from the Durham crowd.


Tom Miller has the call here for announcing:

MILLER: Ladies and gentlemen, our next event of the evening is a one fall match in which their is no time limit, no disqualifications and it is a bunkhouse match inside this steel cage!!!

At this point, the music of Jake "The Snake" Roberts plays (it is the theme from his face days in the WWF).

MILLER:Coming to the ring, he hails from Stone Mountain, GA!!! Weighing in tonight at 245 pounds, Jake "The Snake" Roberts!!!

Jake is coming to the ring alone for this bout!!! He is wearing a red t-shirt with his long red tights (with a white snake emblem on them) and he has the green bag with him for this bout as well!!! He leaves the bag in the corner and sits and awaits his opponent

Now, the music changes and "Self-Hi Five" plays to a roar from the crowd!!!

MILLER:His opponent!!! From New Jersey!!! Weighing in at 254 pounds, Diamond Dallas Page!!!

DDP comes to the ring with black jeans with his black boots!!! He enters the ring slowly as Jake comes to his feet and stands in the center of the ring!!! DDP comes to the center as well and the two stand in the center talking trash to each other!!! Jake takes a couple of steps back but this turns out to be a ruse as he throws a right hand.....and missed!!! When Jake turns around, he almost gets caught with an early "Diamond Cutter"!!! Jake justs barely "slithers" out of it and heads to a corner!!! DDP follows him into the corner and stomps Jake repeatedly in the corner!!! The ref tries to restore some order but Page takes a swipe at him that misses!!! The ref decides that discretion is the better part of valor and chooses to let it go!!! This momentary distraction, however, gives the crafty Roberts the time he needed as he sneaks in a kick to DDP's ribs!!! Jake comes up and decks DDP with a right hand!!! He then does his customary left jabs and finishes it with a right hand that drops DDP!!! He then "slithers" over to him and screams insults to Page!!!! He then picks Page up and goes for the DDT early but Page counters it with a reverse atomic drop!!! DDP adds to Jake's pain by delivering a lowblow to it!!! Jake falls to his knees in pain!!! Page then takes off his belt that was around his pants and whips Jake with it!!! He then takes it and tries to choke "The Snake" with it!!! Jake counters the choke with a poke in the eyes and then a knee to the guts!!! By this time, Raven has come down and he tosses a steel chair into the cage!!! Jake catches it and nails Page with it!!! He then takes the "rest" end of the chair and jams it into DDP's back repeatedly (about four times)!!! He then picks up Page, pushes him into the ropes chest-first and (when Page comes off backwards) nails him in the back with the chair!!! Jake tries this tactic again but, this time, Page turns around just as he is coming off and kicks the chair...into Jake's face!!! This buys some time for Page as Jake is down!!! Meanwhile, Raven has beat up the timekeeper and taken the keys to the cage!!! While this was going on, DDP has made it back to his feet and so has Roberts!!! Roberts charges at DDP but Page sidesteps him and throws him into the cage headfirst!!! Roberts comes back crashing to the mat!!! Page then picks up Roberts and throws him into the fence again!!! Roberts is now bleeding from the forehead!!! DDP then stands Jake up and gives him four left jabs, spins around and nails Jake with his "discus clothesline"!!! DDP is now signaling for the "DC" but, at this time, Raven has made his way into the cage and has decked the ref with a pair of brass knuckles!!! As DDP has the hold hooked in, Raven kicks DDP in the gut!!! He then gives DDP his version of the DDT!!! Roberts then goes in for the pin (he is bleeding bad by the way) but there is no ref to count!!! He looks at Raven and says, "Why the hell did you do that for?!!! It is no disqualification!!! The ref couldn't have stopped you anyway!!!" Realizing that it was a moot point, Jake then takes a breath and motions for Raven to help him punish DDP!!! They pick him up and Jake now has the brass knuckles!!! He kicks DDP in the gut and has Raven hold him for the blow!!! As he came in, however, Page kicks Jake in the chest and mule-kicks Raven in the n*ts!!! He then puts Raven in the DDT!!! DDP then gets up and nails Jake with another clothesline!!! He then signals for the "DC" again!!! DDP brings Jake out to the center of the ring and puts him in a piledriver position!!! He picks Jake up and it looks like a powerbomb coming up.......no, as he has him up, he flips Jake over and into the "DC"!!! Jake is out cold!!! Raven tries to nail DDP with a right hand but DDP ducks, picks him up in a fireman's carry, spins for four rotations, and puts him in the "DC" on the fourth rotation!!! By this time, the ref is back up and DDP is covering Jake!!! The ref counts the three count and DDP has won this cage match against his former mentor and his crazed lackey!!! DDP leaves the ring to a roar of cheers as Jake and Raven are laid out on the mat!!!

Kimberley Page
Wife Of Diamond Dallas Page
Leader For The WCW
Nitro Girls

Photos of Jake Roberts
Diamond Dallas Page
and Raven
were taken from Sloberknocker Central

Photo of Kimberley Page
was taken from OWOW (Official Women Of Wrestling)
Web Site
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