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f/"Stone Cold" Steve Austin VS. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan



We are live in the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, VA as WCW Nitro is being aired:

TONY SCHIVONE: Welcome to WCW Nitro!!! The number one cable program in America!!! I'm Tony Schivone, along with "Iron" Mike Tenay and Bobby "The Brain" Hennan. We have all the stars of WCW as well as nWo are here in full force tonight as well as top stars from the NWA and other organizations. Now, on the heels of what was a heated night in wrestling, we have seven new champions to announce as a result of World War 3. We have a new WCW Ladies Champion, it is Ms. Jacqueline as she defeated Chyna from Degeneration X despite having a back injury going into the bout. Speaking of DX, it was a big night for them as "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash defeated Yokozuna for the World Wrestling Federation Championship, Scott Hall upset the Ultimate Warrior for the WWF Intercontiental title and Syxx of DX went through three of the top cruiserweight wrestlers in the world in Kidman, Rey Mysterio, Jr. and Jushin "Thunder" Liger in a four corners match to win the J-Crown championship.

MIKE TENAY: Also, on that card Tony, we saw Magnum TA drop the NWA United States Title to Bill Goldberg in a close matchup and Diamond Dallas Page defeat Owen Hart for the WCW World TV Championship.

SCHIVONE: And then, in the two big ones that everyone had anticipated. WCW US Champion Chris Benoit won World War 3 and will get a shot at the WCW World Champion this coming February at SuperBrawl. Tonight,however, he has an obstical as he defends his WCW US Title against the crazed Cactus Jack. Also, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin - the leader of Ass-Whippers, Inc. - defeated "Nature Boy" Ric Flair in one of the most brutal NWA World Title matches that I have ever seen in many years "Brain".

HEENAN: I have to agree with you there Schivone. Flair and Austin took it to each other like I have never seen two human beings go at it!!! I give "Stone Cold" respect for winning the match and beating the greatest champion in the history of wrestling, the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

SCHIVONE: But, this rivary between the Horsemen and A. S., Inc. is far from over. As you saw as we was going off of the air, A. S., Inc. attacked Flair and the Horsemen as they were trying to get Flair to the hospital after the beating that he took during that match.

HENNAN: Well, I am not siding with A. S., Inc. but you have to understand what kind of individuals you are dealing with. Austin,Brody, Hansen, TAZ and Saturn are just five rough, tough men who just don't care who they maim or hurt or how they do it. Horsemen, you are a great organization but I think now they understand who they are dealing with.

At this point, the music of "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan plays and out comes the nWo. The crowd is standing and booing. He comes out with Eric Bischoff, Scott Norton, Bryan Adams, "Buff" Bagwell, Vincent......AND The Steiner Bros.!!!! This is a total shock to the crowd and the announcers!!!

SCHIVONE: What's going on here?!!! That's Rick and Scott Steiner in nWo t-shirts?!!!

HEENAN: I can't believe this. Hogan has pulled off a big coup here.

TENAY: This is unbelievable. We knew that something was up with The Steiners sudden change in attitude after their tough loss to Andre The Giant and The Giant but this?!!!

SCHIVONE: Alright, Hogan's got the microphone.

At this point, Hogan is the ring and he speaks.

HOGAN: You know something nWo-ites?!!! Last night, these two gentlemen, the greatest tag team in pro wrestling today, took the step, made the jump to where the real power lies and that is with "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan and the nWo. In fact, I'll let them tell you all about it!!!

SCOTT: Well, we were sick and tired of being ignored and misused. Since we lost the World Tag Team titles to Brody and Hansen, we have been the number one contenders but haven't received one damn shot!!! Why is that?!!! I'll tell you why. WCW knows we have been the top tag team that has helped put butts in their seats for years and this is the thanks we get?!! Well, me and my brother realized that nothing is going to change unless we did something about it and that's why we joined the nWo. Giants!!! You two were just the first casualty in our way of regaining the World titles!!!

RICK: Yeah, Giants!!! What we did to you last night was just a warning!!! Don't get in our way again or you'll get more of the same.

The mic switches over to "Buff" Bagwell.

BAGWELL: You know, everybody is saying that the nWo is old news. We're history. Well, I say "garbage"!!! The nWo is stronger than ever baby and they are like "Buff"!!! We are the stuff!!!

HOGAN: You said it "Buffer"!!! Now, with the Steiners seeing the light, the nWo is stronger than it has ever been. Now, onto other matters. Degeneration X, you yellow-belly cowards!!! Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, that scrawny little puke Syxx, "Nacho Man" Randy Savage, Curt "Mr.Imperfect" Hennig, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, that freak of nature Chyna, "Repulsive" Rick Rude, and especially that chump that is running around with my belt Shawn "Fag-Man" Michaels, you better look over your shoulder because I will get my WCW World title back and pay you back for you and your friends p*ssing on me (this last statement gets a huge pop of cheers and laughter out of the Richmond crowd as Hogan has a deadly look on his face from the reaction)!!! The Four Horsemen? You guys aren't even worth talking about anymore. I saw the Ass-Whippers, Inc. take you out last night at the PPV. Speaking of which, Ass-Whippers, you better look over your shoulder because the nWo may teach you a thing or two about delievering a good butt kicking. In fact, that NWA title that you have "Stone Cold" Steve Austin would look good around my waist.So, after I take care of little Shawn, I might come after you next brutha!!!

BISCHOFF: Give it up for the man!!! The Hulkster!!!

HOGAN: Hit the music!!!

The music plays but it says "You are completely pathetic!!!" in the voice of SCSA!!! It is followed by shattered glass and driving guitars!!! This draws a surprisingly warm pop from the Richmond crowd as cheers rain down for Austin, Brody, Hansen, TAZ and Saturn. As usual, Austin leads off but, this time, all members of A. S. Inc. have something to say:

AUSTIN: Let me tell you something you old piece of trash. As far as I am concerned, you can have a shot at me tonight right here in Richmond!!!

A huge roar comes up from the crowd!!!

AUSTIN: Here is something else for you to think about. You couldn't beat Shawn Michaels. A man, as tough as he is, that I used to own when I wrestled for the WWF. So, if you can't beat Michaels, what in hell makes you think you can pin me?

Brody and Hansen has the mic:

HANSEN: Steiner boys, if you want another shot at these belts, come and get 'em (Brody is doing his famous "uff, uff" noise during Austin's and Hansen's speeches).

SATURN: "Buff"!!! You think your the stuff?!!! Well, you won't be once I get through streching your "pretty ass" all over the ring!!!

TAZ: Any of the nWo!! You think your a man?!!! Step in the ring with me and get choked out!!!

AUSTIN: And that's the bottom line cuz the Ass-Whippers says so!!!

Hogan and Co. stand in the ring looking solem. They know now that they have started something that they may not be able to finish. For one of the rare times in his career, Hogan actually had a look of fear in this face.


I am going through the card like I would a regular story, with developments happening either during matches or in-between them. This will cover the three hours:

Syxx VS. Jushin "Thunder" Liger (J-Crown Title Match)

During this bout, it is annouced that SCSA will defend his newly won NWA World Title against "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan later in the card. As usual, Tony and Co. hawk the main event and ignore this superb contest. Syxx and Liger trade the advantage several times. Liger seems to have it well in hand when he hits his patened "Liger-Bomb" on Syxx. He goes for the pin but Syxx is too close to the ropes and that breaks up the pin. Liger then picks up Syxx for a suplex but Syxx flips out of it and hooks in his "Buzzkiller" hold on Liger!!! He quickly goes down to the canvas with it. Liger struggles in vain to escape. Finally, after a minute in the hold, Liger is forced to tap out and Syxx retains his J-Crown title.

During the commercial break, Scott Steiner comes out with a mic and speaks:

SCOTT: Hansen!!! If you are still in the building!!! Come out and face me!! You claim to be a "man's" man?!!! Come on down!!!

With that, the rugged Texan from Borger, TX comes down with his cowboy hat, wrestling tights and famous bullrope and hits the ring!!

Stan "The Lariat" Hansen VS. Scott Steiner

The two start off brawling with Hansen taking the initial upper hand. Hansen goes for a big right hand but Scott ducks it and unleashes one of his suplex variations on Hansen. Scott, surprisingly, then resorts to kicking and punching on a prone Hansen. He then takes Hansen outside the ring. Scott gets a steel chair and bashes the back of Hansen with it. Scott then tries to send Hansen into the steel steps but Hansen reverses the whip and Scott goes in shoulder-first!!! Hansen then takes over outside the ring with repeated kicks to that shoulder. He then shows surprising skill as he applies a cross-face chickenwing hammerlock on the ringpost on Scott!! Scott is screaming in anguish.

HANSEN: How's that boy?!!! I'm going to rip out your shoulder boy and feed it to you!!!

Hansen releases the hold and throws Scott back into the ring. Hansen follows up his advantage by dropping repeated elbows on Scott. He then streches out Scott's arm and drops elbows on it.

SCHIVONE: Scott is some serious trouble right now.

HEENAN: Well, he came out to challenge Hansen but I bet he's second guessing himself right now.

For the next five minutes, Hansen punishes Scott's left arm and shoulder unmercifully. The turning point was when Hansen went for a backdrop but Scott kicks him with a boot and clotheslines him with his good arm. Scott then tries to mount a comeback. He hooks in a belly to belly suplex, despite the pain to his arm. He then hits the ropes for another attack but is caught with Hansen's "Lariat" clothesline!!! As Hansen goes for the cover, Rick Steiner hits the ring and ref calls for the bell. Hansen will win this bout by DQ but that doesn't matter right now.Rick throws Hansen into the ropes and nails him with his "Steinerline" clothesline. The Steiners then place a steel chair in the ring in front of them. Rick then puts Hansen on his shoulders while Scott goes to the top. They are going to execute their double-team DDT onto the chair...that is, until Bruiser Brody shows up!!! He yanks Scott off of the ropes and throws him back-first onto the chair. Rick puts down Hansen and goes for Brody but Brody meets him with his big foot!!! Now, the World Tag champs are going to town on Scott but Rick manages to pull him out. The champs stand tall in the ring while The Steiners beat a hasty retreat.

SCHIVONE: Look at those cowards run!!! The Steiners have turned gutless!!!

HEENAN: You'd run too if you had to look up in that ring and see those two crazy men standing in there!!! I don't see you going up in there!!!

SCHIVONE: Well, neither are you "Brain"!!!

HEENAN: That's right!!! So who are we to judge the Steiner?!!! I say live to fight another day!! For them to stay now and fight would be suicide!! This is a good move on the part of the Steiners!!

As Schivone and Heenan argue, Nitro goes to a commercial break. When it returns, it shows stills of the main event from WW3. It also shows what happened afterwards when Austin and Co. attacked an injured Flair and the Horsemen. Lee Marshall is standing by with "Stone Cold":

MARSHALL: Tony, Tenay and Heenan, I am standing here with the NWA World Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and I must ask what possesed you and your group to do what you did last night to the Horsemen? I know about hatred in this sport but was that necessary?

AUSTIN: You damn right it was necessary!!! Let me give you a history lesson Marshall. How many times has the Horsemen themselves have jumped people in parking lots, ambulances, and dressing rooms over the years?!!! Huh?!!! You know as well as I do that the Four Horsemen are no saints themselves. If "Stone Cold" Steve Austin or any member of Ass-Whippers, Inc. would been on that ambulance, you can bet your ass that the Horsemen would've did the same thing. Now, onto other business.Hulk Hogan, you want a shot at this big gold belt? Well, tonight you get your chance at it. Your two new boys, The Steiners, have already gotten a taste of A. S., Inc. and that's just a small sample of what you're going to get later on tonight and that's the bottom line!!!

Austin then leaves Marshall as they go back to the arena.

As Tony Schivone and Co. is about to get ready for their next match, Janet Jackson's "Black Cat" rings out as Sable greets the Richmond crowd to a nice ovation. As she shakes hands and high-fives the crowd in the aisleway. "Mean" Gene Okerland comes out to find out why she's here:

OKERLAND: Sable. Welcome to WCW Monday Nitro and to this great crowd here in Richmond Coliseum. Now, I must ask why are you here tonight? Are you still under contract with the World Wrestling Federation?

SABLE: Yes I am Gene but as you seen these days, a lot of new ground has been broken this year. Now, wrestlers are free to travel from federation to federation while still under contract with their home federation. Of course, you have to give the proper notice to the federation but what the fans have been treated to because of it have been some of the greatest cards ever in the history of wrestling. The National Wrestling Alliance and the World Wrestling Federation should be commended for taking that bold step.

OKERLAND: So, in other words, this surprise visit to WCW Nitro has been known to the WWF for a while?

SABLE: Yes it has been. Besides, it is not like Vince McMahon has been losing money or fans due to this new trend in wrestling. Now, you might wonder why else I am here? Well, stay tuned fans because you might see me in the mix sooner than you think.

OKERLAND: Sable, as always, it has been a pleasure.

SABLE: Thank you Gene.

Chris "The Crippler" Benoit VS. Cactus Jack (WCW United States Title Match)

As Tony, Bobby and Tenay talk about the interview with Sable. Cactus Jack comes down to his old "Bang, Bang" music. He looks as he normally does and that is mad. He stops at the end of the aisleway and gets on his knees facing back up the aisle. Then, the music of Benoit plays as he comes out with his black vest, long black trunks with red trim and black boots. He stops at the top of the aisleway and removes his vest and championship belt. He "powerwalks" down the aisle as Cactus stands up and walks towards Benoit and the fight is on!!! Both men are trading blows and struggling along the rail. They are now at ringside as Cactus throws Benoit into the steps. Cactus comes in with a kick to the head and right hands. Benoit fires back with a hard chop but Cactus answers back with a right hand as the two trade back and forth. The ref is desperately trying to get both men back into the ring with no success. Benoit is now laying against the ringpost. Cactus leaps at Benoit but Benoit ducks and Cactus hits the ringpost headfirst. Benoit then drags Cactus into the ring. He hooks in his "Snap" suplex on Cactus and drops a quick elbow on Cactus. Benoit then does a series of kicks to the prone body of Cactus. Benoit then goes behind Cactus, hooks a hammerlock on his left arm, holds the hold and gives him a backdrop suplex that lands Cactus not only on his back but on his arm as well. Benoit is working over this arm as it becomes clear that he is setting up Benoit for his "Crippler Crossface."

SCHIVONE: My question is even if he did get the "Crossface" on Cactus, would Cactus submit?

HEENAN: I don't think so. You'll either have to pin him or kill him to win a match.

SCHIVONE: I'm afraid you may have a point there "Brain".

Cactus gets back to his feet fighting but his left arm is in bad shape. Benoit is still working on it but commits a rare mistake as he goes for a backdrop from off of the ropes. Cactus holds onto the ropes. When Benoit stands up to see what's going on, Cactus catches him in the midsection with a kick to the stomach and hooks in his chicken-wing DDT!!! Cactus covers and gets the three count...or so he thinks. The ref, as he counted the three, saw Benoit's foot on the bottom rope to he nullified the three count and ordered the match to continue. Cactus, angry but seeing he still had the advantage, goes back to work on Benoit. He throws Benoit outside the ring and bodyslams him on the floor. Cactus goes to the second rope and drops his patened elbow from the ropes to the floor. Cactus does his patened "bang, bang" sign on the floor. He then throws Benoit back into the ring but he wastes about 10 seconds outside of the ring. When he climbs back on the apron, Benoit shoulderblocks him but Cactus hangs on to the top rope. Benoit then slingshots himself over the top rope, flips over to the floor like he was performing a sunset flip, and pulls Cactus down into a powerbomb!!! Cactus was hurt but was getting up. Benoit is now p*ssed as he goes to town on Cactus. He then takes Cactus near the guardrail and "Snap" suplexes him onto the guardrail!!! Cactus Jack's back has to be screaming right now!!! Amazingly, Cactus gets up and Benoit follows him out into the crowd and the two fight into the stands. The ref has already called this bout off as a "no contest" but these two don't give a damn right now!! Security has to fight to seperate the crowd from the wrestlers and the wrestlers from each other as there is ten minutes left in hour #1.

We now skip to the beginning of hour #3 as they have filled the remaining time of hour one and most of hour two with filler matches and video stills from WW3.

OKERLAND: We are back live here at WCW Nitro.....

Suddenly, the lights go out and the music of The Undertaker plays. UT comes out from rafters (a la Sting) admits some thunder and lighting. He comes over to Gene Okerland.

OKERLAND: I assume you have something to say.

UT: The reason that I am here is to address something and that something is Ass-Whippers, Inc. Specifically, Bruiser Brody and Stan "The Lariat" Hansen. You guys pride yourselves on being tough men. Well, you are tough men. I'll give you two that. But, if there is one thing that I have never done in my life, is never overmatch myself in a fight. So, tonight, I want to introduce a group of my own. You call yourselves Ass-Whippers? Well, my group is simply known as "The Wolfpack".

At this point, the Wolfpack music plays (minus the rap) with the wolf howling in the background and thunder clapping everywhere. UT stands aside to allow the men to step forward. Out from the back comes Lex Luger, WCW US Champion Chris Benoit, Vader, and .....Sting!!!!

Okerland is speechless at this point. He goes immediately to Sting for answers.

OKERLAND: Sting!!! If I may ask, what is going on here. We know that you have had a working relationship with Benoit and Luger in the past but why are you teaming with Vader and The Undertaker. Both of whom you have feuded with?

STING: "Mean" Gene, last night after World War 3. I went back to my hotel room and I had a guest waiting for me there. That guest was The Undertaker. And he and I had a long chat. We have had our battles in Texas Death matches, WarGames, even a "Hell In A Cell" match and we both pushed each other to the limit every time!!! Now, as to why I would team with this man? I say, why not?!!! We both have a common enemy in Bruiser Brody and Stan "The Lariat" Hansen!!! But, when you go against a gang, you better have numbers to match so we went and got "The Total Package", "The Crippler" and "The Rocky Mountain Monster" to help us and so we have the Wolfpack!!!

BENOIT: Austin!!! I owe you a lot. I owe you from Untamed. I owe you from Hell Burns Over (anger building in his voice)!!! I owe you from BattleBowl and Barely Legal!!! If there is anything left of you after tonight then I want to chew you up and spit you out!!!

LUGER: What you have here Gene is a group on the rise. While everyone is sweating the Four Horsemen, DX, Ass-Whippers and the nWo, we will come in and take pro wrestling by storm.

UNDERTAKER: Rest In Peace!!!

A stunned crowd looks on as the Wolfpack leaves.

We are now thirty minutes into hour #3 and Michael Buffer is in the ring.

BUFFER: Ladies and gentlemen. It is now time for the battle for NWA Heavyweight Championship of the world. It is between two leaders of two of the biggest and most ruthless organizations in wrestling today. Are you ready?!!! Richmond, VA, are you ready?!!!! For the thousands in attendence tonight and the millions watching at home, there is only one thing left to say, LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!

With that the theme of "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan starts as Jimi Hendricks' "Vodoo Child" plays.

BUFFER: Coming to the ring at this time is a true legend of professional wrestling. His face is recognized on every continent in every part of the world. Tonight, he is going for his ninth world title. Here he is, the leader of the nWooooooooo!!!! "Hollywood" Hulk Hoooooogan!!!

Down rain the boos as Hogan comes alone (don't expect it to stay that way). He comes in and rips up his shirt (as usual) and poses for the crowd. As "Vodoo Child" dies down, you hear the a voice go "You Are Completely Pathetic!!!" followed by shattered glass and driving guitars. This gets a surprising standing ovation.

SCHIVONE: I can't believe this. This is unbelievable. The fans in the Richmond Coliseum are actually cheering the entrance of the NWA Champ "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (a valid statement since Virginia is traditionally Horsemen country and in light of what Austin did the previous night)!!

HEENAN: Well, look at who he is facing Schivone. I think these fans would cheer Sadam Hussein against "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan. True, "Stone Cold" is no fan favorite but no one is more hated in this sport right now than "Hollywood".

As the two commentator continue to talk, Austin has hit the ring and is standing on the second rope with his fists in the air and gets a rousing ovation!!! Even Hogan is taken aback by the response that Austin is getting and it is driving him crazy. Hogan goes to the outside and is actually threating fans to shut up. The fans, of course, will hear none of it. Hogan, realizing the futility of this act, heads back to the ring with "Stone Cold" waiting for him.

The bell rings and the match is officially underway. Austin and Hogan lock up in the middle of the ring. Hogan, showing his strength advantage, shoves Austin down into a corner. Hogan then does a double-bicep pose and a "Crab" pose. Austin, unfazed, goes back in again and gets the same result again. Hogan then yells out, "Stone Cold" is "lukewarm" tonight!!!" Austin goes in again but this time he uses a back-heel trip to take Hogan down!!! Hogan rushes in and gets armdragged!!! Hogan comes in again and gets hiptossed!!! Hogan comes up on one knee and Austin (in a mock of Hogan) does a double-bicep and a "crab" pose followed by a double-bird in the face of Hogan!!! Hogan gets up on his feet and shoves Austin, who returns it in kind!!! The two are now trading blows in the ring!!! Surprisingly, it is Austin who takes over the brawl despite Hogan's considerable size and weight advantage. He has Hogan in the corner and begins his traditional kicks in the corner followed up by a double-bird sign and another kick!!! Austin then bodyslams Hogan and goes to the second ropes for a flying elbow-forearm smash as Nitro goes to its final commercial break.

When Nitro returns, we find "Stone Cold" limping from his left-leg.

SCHIVONE: Welcome back to WCW Monday Nitro and during the commercial break, Hogan has worked on the left knee of Austin that was injured last night during Austin's win over Ric Flair. Hogan, being a smart ring veteran is going to work on it.

HEENAN: He better work on it and he better not play games with this man cause Austin is as tough as they come.

TENAY: I think that we need to mention that this isn't the first time that these two have faced off. Remember BattleBowl back during the summertime these two had a brief but brutal run-in that saw Austin get the better of it at that time but he is certainly on the receiving end right now.

Meanwhile, Austin is trying to get back on his feet but is being straddle by "Hollywood" Hogan as he slaps on a half-crab on the left leg. Austin is suffering but will not give up. Hogan, undaunted, releases the hold and slaps on a figure-four. Austin is in the center of the ring. Hogan, feeling arrogant, takes a page out of Ric Flair's playbook and slaps Austin in the face. It knocks Austin on his back. Hogan laughs as the ref counts 1...2...but Austin raises up with a look that could scare the tail off of Satan himself!!! Hogan has puzzled and frightened look on his face as Austin (with effort) turns the hold over. Hogan quickly gets to the ropes. The hold is broken and Hogan goes back to the attack. He whips Austin into the ropes but Austin comes back with a "Lou-Thez" press and starts to pepper Hogan with fists. Austin, despite the pain in his leg, is mounting a comeback. He throws Hogan into the ropes and executes a backdrop. He then waits for Hogan to get up and nails him with a running clothesline. He throws Hogan into the ropes again and catches him with his "Stun-Gun" manuveur. He then signals for the "Stone Cold Stunner" for Hogan. As he did, however, someone has taken care of the referee. That someone is The Disciple. He throws him into the ringpost. Austin, meanwhile, is ready to execute the "Stunner" but The Disciple stops him by kicking Austin in the gut. He then puts on his version of the "SCS" (which he calls The Apocolypse) and puts Hogan on top of Austin. The Disciple is now trying to get the ref up but here comes TAZ from the back!!! He totally destroys The Disciple on the outside. Hogan, meanwhile, gets up to see what is going on. During the confusion, a security guard comes in. Hogan sees him and pays him no mind.....until the guard spins him around and kicks him in the n*ts!!! The guard then executes the "Stunner" on Hogan!!! Hogan is not out but he is rocked by the move. By this time, Austin is back on his feet and he now executes his "SCS" on Hogan. Another ref has come down and counts Hogan down as Austin has retained the NWA title. The guard removes his hat and it is revealed that he is a she!!! It is Sable!!! She give a prone Hogan the finger as she, Austin and TAZ leave together with questions unanswered.

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