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Perry Saturn (w/former partner John Kronos)
Part Of Ass-Whippers, Inc. (in my stories)
NWA World Television Champion (in my stories thus far)
Former WCW World Television Champion (in real life)
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The hosts for this one is Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler.

ROSS:Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another addition of Monday Night RAW. We are on the week of Survivor Series coming up in Milwalkee, WI. Tonight we have a feature bout featuring two men that are no strangers to each other. It is the new WWF Champion "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash against a man that once hospitalized him. One half of the Unified World Tag Team Champions Bruiser Brody.

LAWLER:That's right JR. (The footage is being shown of Brody attacking Nash during Nash's bout with The Giant while Lawler is talking) As you can see from this footage, Nash will be going for revenge as well as trying to defend his title. But I've been in the ring with Bruiser Brody and I can tell Nash this, he's in for the fight of his life!!!

ROSS:Plus, we hope to hear from Sable for an explanation for her actions last Monday on WCW Monday Nitro where she played an intrical part in "Stone Cold" Steve Austin retaining the NWA World Title against "Hollywood" Hogan. But, right now, we are kicking it off with a bout for the WCW World Television Title.

ANNOUNCER:The following contest is for the WCW World Television Championship. Making his way to the ring from Calgary, Alberta Canada, weighing in at 240 pounds, Owen Hart.

ROSS:This is a return bout from WCW World War 3 fans when DDP - Diamond Dallas Page - (they are showing footage courtesy of WCW while Ross talks) upset Owen Hart to win the WCW TV belt and he did it using that devestating Diamond Cutter.

LAWLER:He sure did but now let's see how DDP does as a defending champion. Sure, he looked good at World War 3, but lets see if that wasn't a fluke.

As Ross and Lawler talk, the music changes to "Self-Hi Five". The pro-WWF crowd does give DDP a nice pop (probably due to the fact that Owen isn't exactly one of their favorites even though he is the homebase wrestler here). He gives the Diamond Cutter sign and gets his usual pyrotechnics. He comes to the ring and quickly gives the belt to the ref. As he does though, Owen dropkicks DDP in the chest and the match is underway. Owen is unusually aggresive tonight as he pounds on DDP with forearms and fists. He has DDP laid up in the corner and he raises his fists up in the air. This draws a mixed reaction from the fans. As he goes back, however, DDP grabs him by the neck and throws him into the corner. He now goes to work with lefts and rights of his own. As Owen staggers out of the corner, DDP nails him with his "discus clothesline." He then waits for Owen to get up and goes for the "DC" but Owen slips out and goes to the outside quickly. DDP chooses to stay in the ring and awaits Owen. Owen returns to the ring and motions for tie-up. However, as DDP comes in, Owen meets him with a quick kick to the gut and a European forearm (or a Dory Funk, Jr. type forearm for those that are into Texas wrestling) that rocks DDP back. Owen grabs him and does it again, this time DDP goes off of his feet. Owen then takes DDP's legs and heads for the ringpost. He is going for the "HartBreaker" (that ringpost figure-four leglock) but DDP jerks his legs and causes Owen to go into it head first. DDP goes outside and throws Owen back in. He throws Owen into the ropes but Owen reverses it. Owen goes for a hiptoss but DDP blocks it. DDP then goes for one himself but Owen blocks him. DDP then throws a knee into the guts of Owen, hooks his head and gives him a neckbreaker. DDP covers him but only gets a two count.

ROSS: You have to be impressed by the way DDP is going hold for hold with Owen Hart.

LAWLER: That's doesn't impress me at all Ross. The only thing that impresses me about Diamond Dallas Page is his ability to hook a hot number like his wife Kimberly.

As Lawler and Ross continue to call the action (so to speak), Owen has just countered DDP's reverse chinlock with a jawbreaker. Owen now goes to work on the bad ribs of DDP. He puts DDP in a reverse backbreaker and then applies a camel clutch. "Where's your BANG now DDP?!!!," screams Owen as he streches DDP out. Owen, after about a minute, releases the hold but goes back to work on the back with knees to the back. Owen then tries for a bodyslam but DDP reverses out of it and nearly gets his "DC" on Owen. Owen counters by flinging him into the ropes. Owen then lifts him left leg up for a kick but DDP catches it. It is a set up, however, for Owen's "insiguri" kick. DDP, however, was ready for it as he ducked it, caught the leg of Owen before he hit the ground, flips him back up backwards and puts him on his feet, spins him around and gets in the "DC"!!! DDP covers for the three count as he retains the WCW TV Belt.

ROSS: What a great win for DDP leading into Survivor.....wait a minute!!! That's The Hart Foundation!!! Bret Hart and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart are in the ring attacking DDP!!!

Indeed, The Harts are now jumping DDP but now The Road Warriors have hit the ring and a six man brawl insues. Ross and Lawler now tell us that they will meet in a six man tag at Survivor Series with DDP and The Road Warriors VS. The Hart Foundation trio of Bret, Jim and Owen.

We are now back from the commercial break and now Janet Jackson's "Black Cat" is playing ( I don't care much for that theme that she uses in real life so I picked this popular Janet Jackson song for Sable). Sable receives a nice ovation as she comes to the ring with Jim Ross waiting for the interview.

ROSS: You know Sable, a lot of people would like to know what your relationship is with both your husband Johnny B. Badd and with Ass-Whippers, Inc. (Ross now lets her have the mic)

SABLE: Well, first of all. My relationship with Marc, or Johnny B. Badd as you know him, is fine. But, we are both in this profession and he must go his way and I must go mine. We both do things that we don't approve of but we support each other no matter what. Now, as far as my relationship with Ass-Whippers, Inc. goes, let's just say that A.S., Inc. wanted to rule the wrestling world. That includes the women wrestling world. So, Steve Austin gave me a call, we talked about this and that's when I became involved with the roughest group in pro wrestling today. And it was a pleasure to kick "Hollywood" Punk Hogan dead in the b*lls, which I must say was surprising since I didn't think he had any (this comment draws ohhh's and ahhh's all over the arena), and give him the "Stunner." Another reason that I joined Austin and his crew should be obvious to everyone, especially to you Ms. Jacqueline!!! You are the WCW Ladies Champion. We are no strangers to each other. I am coming for that belt and I don't care who I have to go through to get to you. So, at Survivor Series, Sable will make her professional wrestling singles debut against DX's Chyna (this comment is greeted with stunned breath and raises more than a few eyebrows). So Chyna, I know that you are a tough woman, but be ready for all of the fight that you want.

The crowd is stunned right now as Sable leaves.

Perry Saturn VS. Hunter Hearst Helmsley (NWA World Television Title Match)

When RAW comes back on, Saturn is making his way to the ring with his NWA TV belt. Then, the music changes to the DX theme. Triple H comes out with Chyna in tow. Saturn stands ready for the challenge as Triple H comes in and tries to get in a short clothesline. Saturn ducks it and gets in a double-armbar suplex on Triple H. Saturn then clotheslines Triple H over the top rope and to the floor. Meanwhile, a "double-feature" is used to relay comments from Johnny B. Badd on what they have just heard from Sable as the match is going on:

BADD: Sable, I can't say that I agree with what you are doing but you are my wife and I'll stand behind you all of the way. If you ever need me, I'll be there. I love you.

Meanwhile, Saturn was going for his Death Valley Driver but Triple H slips behind Saturn and executes a German suplex w/ a bridge. He gets a strong two count. Triple H continues to work on the neck of Saturn. He drives a knee into the neck as he pulls up with the chin. He holds this for about thirty seconds but then goes back to work on the neck with elbows and fists. Triple H then goes for a vertical suplex but Saturn reverses it and puts on a "BrainBuster" suplex!!! Triple H is feeling the pain right now. Chyna gets on the apron of the ring to try to distract the ref. Meanwhile, Saturn has executed his side kick on Triple H but goes over to where Chyna is. This proves to be an error as Triple H knees him in the back. Meanwhile, here comes Sable down to ringside. She stands face to face with Chyna (Triple H has executed the Pedigree but does not cover due to the outside activity). Chyna goes for a clothesline but Sable ducks and nails her with a perfect spinning roundhouse kick that drops Chyna!!! Triple H is screaming "what the hell are you doing here" at Sable. Sable responds by lifting her tanktop, revealing nothing but bare breasts!!! Triple H is frozen stiff (in more ways that one). That gives Saturn time to get in another suplex variation and hook in the "Rings Of Saturn" submission hold on Triple H. Triple H is forced to tap out and Saturn retains the NWA TV belt. He leaves with Sable as Chyna is just coming around with Triple H helping her up.

We were on a commercial break. When we return we see a madder than hell Chyna tearing up anything that isn't nailed to the ground. She speaks for one of the rare times of her career:

CHYNA: Sable, you b*tch!!! Come Survivor Series, I am going to tear you to shreds!!! Your so-called wrestling debut will be short-lived when I put you in the "Chyna Rack"!!! Your scrawny little ass should've stayed with posing for magazines because after I get done with you, you ain't going to be able to do anything!!!

We are now back with Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

ROSS: Whoa!!! As much as I like Sable as a person, I would hate to be her at Survivor Series. She may have just poured kerosene on a raging inferno "King".

LAWLER: She may have JR. I mean, how smart can that be to start something with someone like Chyna. I mean, she's 200 lbs., has arms as big as the average man, has way more experience in the ring than Sable.....well, Sable, you might've wished you didn't quit your day job after Chyna gets through with you.

Suddenly, the music of "2001: A Space Oddessy" plays which only means one man. The "Nature Boy" Ric Flair is coming down the aisle!!! He has come alone. He high-five some of the fans coming into the arena as he makes his way over to the commentator's table

ROSS: What a surprise ladies and gentlemen!!! We have the former NWA Heavyweight Champion of the world, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair with us!!! Champ, welcome to RAW IS WAR.

FLAIR: It is great to be here. Not to correct a great color man like yourself, but I am the "soon to be again" NWA World Heavyweight Champion. WHOOOO!!!

LAWLER: You know Flair, I have to ask, how is the neck and jaw from where "Stone Cold" 'stunned' you on the championship belt. It is great to see that your up and around but I have to ask that.

FLAIR: Well, the neck and jaw is getting better and you can better believe that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin will be seeing me soon.

ROSS: Incidentally, our next match features Intercontiental Champion Scott Hall of DX against one of the men responsible for your attack at World War 3 and that is TAZ.

FLAIR: Well, Jim Ross, what you have to remember is that TAZ is a tremendous wrestler. I don't like him or his crew but you have to give the man his due and Scott Hall of Degeneration X - a group that we, the Horsemen, have had our share of run-ins with - is going to have his hands full. I know he's a stand up guy but he better be ready.

"Are you ready?" blares over the speakers as the theme for DX plays. Out from behind the curtain comes Intercontiental Champion Scott Hall w/ Syxx. He struts to the ring with confidence for a man that is about to face the "king of the suplex." He enters the ring and has a mic:

HALL: Hey yo!!! You know, tonight, I supposed to face this guy who calls himself TAZ. He's supposed to be this big suplex machine or something? TAZ? What kind of name is that? Well, big man, I hope you have a day job because when I get done with you, you'll be ready to.....SUCK IT!!!

Now making his way to the ring is TAZ. He runs to the ring without music or fanfare. Scott catches him coming in with kicks and right hands. Hall then hits the ropes and nails him with a clothesline. Hall then signals for the "Razor's Edge." He wants to end this one quick. But, as he pulls TAZ in for the move, TAZ quickly reaches out, wraps his arms around Hall and does a tremendous belly to belly suplex. He then grabs a waistlock on Hall and is riding him on the mat. Hall tries to sit out but TAZ is controling him.

ROSS: I got to tell you, TAZ is one of the most aggressive guys that I have ever seen.

FLAIR: I told you that Hall would have his hands full. It is apparent that he didn't take this guy seriously.

Indeed, just as Flair was saying that, TAZ hooked in a double-armbar suplex on Hall. He then followed it up with a "Dragon" (full nelson) suplex. TAZ then hooked in his "TAZ-mission" on Hall. Hall quickly taps out and the WWF has a new I-C champion!!!

ROSS: This has got to be billed as an upset. Not to disrespect TAZ or his ability but Hall has been such a great I-C champion in the past that he had to be favored going into this bout.

FLAIR: Well, TAZ did it. I can't take anything away from him. He is a great competitor. Besides, it is not him that I want. It's his boss that I want.

With that, Flair leaves the broadcast booth (shaking hands with both Ross and Lawler before leaving). He and TAZ do look at each other for about ten seconds but nothing is made of it.

In a seperate segment, Michael Cole is running down the lineup for WWF Survivor Series:

"WWF Survivor Seriesis brought to you by M & M's. This line up is looking like this fans!!"

DDP & The Road Warriors VS. The Hart Foundation (Six Man Tag Team Match)

Sable VS. Chyna (Contender's Match)

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin VS. Chris "The Crippler" Benoit (NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match)

Bruiser Brody & Stan "The Lariat" Hansen VS. The Steiner Bros. (Unified World Tag Team Title Match)

TAZ/Perry Saturn VS. Kevin Nash/Scott Hall (Texas Tornado Match)

Goldberg VS. Kane (NWA United States Championship/No DQ Match)
The WolfPack (Lex Luger, The Undertaker, Sting & Vader) VS. Degeneration X ("Ravishing" Rick Rude, Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Randy "Macho Man" Savage) VS. The Four Horsemen (Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, and Barry Windham) (Twelve Man Royal Rumble Style bout)

Syxx VS. 2 Cold Scorpio (J-Crown Championship Match)

"Hollywood" Hulk Hogan VS. Shawn "HeartBreak Kid" Michaels (WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match)

This promises to be a great WWF Survivor Series which will be live from New York City at Madison Square Garden this Sunday on Pay Per View. Call you local cable operator for availability.

When we return to RAW, it is now time for the feature bout. The ring announcer is making introductions as Judas Priest's "Freewheel Burning" is blaring over the speakers as Bruiser Brody is making his way down. He is wild and crazy (as usual). He goes into the ring with Ross and Lawler talking:

ROSS: I have tremendous respect for the abilities of Kevin Nash but this is going to be a monumental task here

LAWLER: You're not kidding. I know what it is like to be in there with that man (Brody) and it is no day at the park I can tell you. Nash, you are in for a war tonight!!!

Now, making his way into the arena is WWF Champion Kevin Nash. Surprisingly, he comes out to his old "Diesel" music. This gets a nice pop from the crowd. Brody is standing inside waiting Nash to come in. Nash drops his championship belt and rushes the ring!!! Brody meets him coming in with kicks and stomps to the back and ribs. Still, Nash makes his way up to his feet and is now trading blows with the "Mercenary Of Mayhem." Brody, being the more experienced big man here, stops the stalemate by kneeing Nash in the guts. He then hooks in an impressive standing verticle suplex on Nash (he holds Nash for about twelve seconds before dropping him).

Brody now sees that he has hurt the back of Nash. Brody goes to work on it with kicks and stomps. He then takes Nash to the outside and runs him backfirst into the ringpost. He repeats this act two more times before tossing him back into the ring:

ROSS: This is a brutal but smart game plan on the part of Brody. He is methotically taking Nash down piece by piece.

LAWLER: Well, that's the one thing that is deceiving about Brody. You think he's this huge crazy man but, in reality, that is really a cover up for the mind that this man really has. As you said JR, he is taking out the back of Kevin Nash and also, he is taking away that powerbomb of his. I mean, Nash can't do it - at least not effectively - if his back is hurt.

As Ross acknowledges "The King's" sound analysis (for once), Brody now has a camel clutch on Nash. Streching out the back of Nash, Brody senses victory. He releases the hold after having him in it for about two minutes. He picks up the 6'11", 325lb. Nash and slams him down. Brody then goes for his patened kneedrop off of the ropes but Nash moved out of the way:

ROSS: Nash just made a title saving move right there Lawler.

LAWLER: He sure did, Brody has won many matches with that kneedrop. To most fans, it looks like an ordinary move but trust me folks, that kneedrop will take the starch out of you just a much as a powerbomb.

Nash is now on his feet and elbows Brody in the head. Brody staggers backwards into a corner and Nash follows him in with knees to the gut, followed by elbows to the head. Nash then goes for a bodyslam but his back won't allow it. Brody then kicks Nash in the guts and puts him in the piledriver. Brody then goes for the cover but here comes Scott Hall who comes in and breaks up the pin. The ref calls for a DQ on Nash. Brody will win the match but Nash will retain the WWF title. Stan "The Lariat" Hansen has now come down as the DX members make a hasty retreat as we go to commercials.

When we return, all members of A.S., Inc. have come down. Austin has the mic:

AUSTIN: You know something, it is just like those DX chickensh*ts to pull something like that. This man right here, a man that I am proud to be associated with, a man that I have fought myself, just got robbed by those Starscky and Hutch rejects Hall and Nash!!! All I got to say is that Ass-Whippers, Inc. is standing here right now and if you want to fight, then as Bob Barker would say with a "Stone Cold" touch, "come on down jackass."

With that, all of DX (including Nash, Hall, Syxx, Savage, Michaels, Chyna, Helmsley, Rude and Hennig) come running down and hit the ring. The only real matchups are Chyna VS. Sable and Austin VS. Michaels. All the others are "anything you can get." The Michaels/Austin war goes to the outside and up the rampway. Then, almost at the same time, The Horsemen come from the back and jump Austin while the nWo comes out of the crowd and jump Michaels!!! Members of DX and A.S., Inc. see what's going on (with the exception of Chyna and Sable) and leave the ring to go up the aisle. It is now a crazy four way fight with DX, A.S., Inc., The Horsemen, and the nWo all going at it with each other with only fellow teammates being sparred.

Suddenly, the lights go out and thunder echos in the arena. Then, lighting strikes the top of the runway and, instantly, The Undertaker appears alone!!! He then raises his hands and four seperate flames rise up from the floor of the rampway. When the flames go back down, there appears the forms of Chris Benoit and Vader on UT's left; Sting and Lex Luger on his right. The lights come back up and there stands The WolfPack. Then a voice echos through the speakers. It is the voice of UT saying "Rest In Peace", with a wolf howl following immediately after that with WP music (with rap this time). All members of the other four groups stood in awe as the show went off of the air.

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