Just what does GAM stand for?

Gay American Males
Great African Meat
Gods Among Men
Gaseous Anomaly Mappers

GAM at O'Connells

Global Aphrodesiac Magnets
Guest Anti Midgets
Goober Assimilating Machines
Giraffe Application Mode
Glossalia Arithmetic Mercantilsm
Gluto - Amine - Monohydrate

 The story of GAM is a long and confusing one. Just as the meaning of their name is a mystery, so is their shadowy origin and purpose. Once upon a time, they performed an unfinished rock opera called GAM. It was awesome, but it confused everyone - it was a 30 minute long song with the same name as the band. It hasn't been heard in years, but it was the futuristic tale of a character named - you guessed it- GAM! Rumour has it that the band was dissatisfied with the quality of all available sound systems to reproduce their musical vision, so they have put the opera on hold and scaled back their performances until such a time as audio gear capable of handling their rigorous demands is invented. Impatient with the oh so slow progress of recording technology, the band recently invented the PHASE 8 Sound Processer, a minor first step on the long road to the sonic purity the band envisions. Based on the seemingly miraculous TRANSDIGITAL MEMBRANE PIERCING technology - this next generation recording system bypasses the 0's and 1's of binary digital data and instead encodes the music using holographic quantum brain wave imaging- a stream of conciousness storage medium, to use laymen's terms.

UPDATE: JUNE 1, 1999!
Mike Walker leaves band to start a solo career!

While the band is mum on the subject of who will replace Mike, if anyone, rumours have been running rampant. There is no truth, however, to the rumour that Mike was forced out of the band to be replaced by the GAMTRON 2000 Bass Playing Robot. For starters, the GAMTRON 2000 only has two fingers and a thumb, and nobody yet offers servomotors quick enough to match the needs of GAM's bass-riffs, and beyond that, the robot's software is currently being ported to Linux from Windows NT following the unfortunate incident in Asheville, and this alone will delay the robot's appearance until fouth quarter 99 at the earliest.

Send your GAM rumours, photos and guesses at just what the hell GAM stands for to gamfan8@hotmail.com!

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