I've been to so many shows here in Savannah, and a few on the road its kinda' hard for my fried brain to remember specific dates. Here's a few of my random memories, but if you have any stories to tell drop me a line and I'll post it!

Pagan sex dance is overseen by doktors

Halloween'94 (I think): The entire audience was hallucinating heavily, and yet what was actually going on in the bar was weirder than anything I could have made up. Keith was up on the antique wooden saloon bar writhing in pagan abandon with some topless waif. Their grass skirts and hair flashing in the strobe lights.I couldn't pinpoint the song they were merging into until two tiny island girls emerged from the smoke and began singing... MOTH-R-A, MOTH-R-A. The wall size video screen (a rarity) showed hundreds of grass skirted pagans in ritualistic dance around a gigantic egg! It was the larval hatchling scene from Toho Pictures classic MOTHRA! The tiny ones sung the entire Mothra duet live on stage. The dance culminated with a huge fire on center stage,and a smooth segway into Gigantor.

Jeannie and Margaret - the Mothra girls

Teeny-tiny women (Jeannie and Margaret) sing the Mothra song!

Then there was a show in Spartanburg,S.C. which opened with a free jazz interpretation of some Doors song. Jim Morrison would eat his heart out to see the band playing and rolling around on the floor with a six foot bald freak wrapped in nothing but plastic wrap and a turkey basting pan full of a mysterious white powder. They continued to mock / worship the school of Dum-Rok with a blistering Woo Yeah!, Brain Damage, and faaaaaaaaaar out version of Wild Thing. The show lasted about two hours ending with Commander Ki Ki climbing up into the rafters and lowering a huge ten foot plastic hot dog, which he kept suspended over the crowd. After pulling it back up into a cloud of smoke I overheard some guy exclaim."I don't know how he did that. It took four of us to get that thing up there." That's just the power of Rock I guess!

Here's a GAM News bit from P.J. in N.Y.C.

The GAM after show party rolled into Doc Holiday's bar (a favorite for cheap P.B.R. in a can and a badass outlaw jukebox), where the madness continued well into the morning. Scott (the new drummer) did a painting on a trash can lid and hung it over the pool table, while the singer, Keith, was the first of the male gender to ever be allowed to dueling clog dance on the bar with Doc's lovely barkeep. Photographer Zach Desart promised me pics soon.

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