Lake Applet Tutorial

You will need to download lake.class file !!


Download this to your hard drive and upload it to your site.

You will also need to upload the image that you choose to use.

You will need to copy this html code to your site.
Put this code where you want your Lake Applet to appear.

<div align="center"><center>
  <table border="6" width="226" height="281" cellpadding="2">
      <td width="100%">
        <applet code="Lake.class" width="225" height="280">
          <param name="image" value="your image.???">Put something here for browsers that                 don&#146;t use Java.

Where it says param name="image" value="your image.???
Put the name of the image you will use.
Example - winterforest.jpg

The next step is to find the exact size of your image.
Make your Lake.class about twice the height of your image.
You will have to play with this size but you will get it.

By the way, this is cap sensitive.
If you put Lake.class, make sure it is not lake.class.

Please take my Logo and let others know where
you learned to make these lake applets.

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Please take my Logo and link it to ::

Have fun, these are beautiful !!

If you have any problems, visit the Java hermit !!


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