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Bases from Scratch
From LynnDe

1.  Make a rectangle 145 x 80
2.  Use the circle or elipse tool to cut out an indention on each side and top.
          ( trial and error, as far as getting it even )
3.  Save this as Master Base.
4.  Use the Flood Fill Tool to fill it with whatever color you want.
          ( you can match it with a color in the image you are going to use )
5.  Leave it selected and add pool shadow to make it shiny or you can use a
          texture filter to make it look like bricks.
6.  Leave it selected and buttonize it to give it that black border on the
          bottom ( just set 0 for the width so you won't get any black on the
          sides and about 5 for the height...usually upper corners will have
          little tips of black, which you can color in after you finish
          buttonizing it )
7.  Now add tubes for the decorations...you can use any of the various
           jewel tubes or flowers, just let your imagination run wild.

Thank you so much for this Tutorial, LynnDe

To Sister LynnDe's Globes


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flwrgarland.jpg (14801 bytes)


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flwrgarland.jpg (14801 bytes)

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