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Links Page
Here you will find links to great web sites!

National Organizations:

wpe9.jpg (804 bytes)North South Alliance
wpe9.jpg (804 bytes)1st Confederate Division Homepage
wpe9.jpg (804 bytes)1st Federal Division

wpe9.jpg (804 bytes)Trans-Mississippi Brigade
        wpe9.jpg (804 bytes) 1st Missouri Battalion
        wpe9.jpg (804 bytes) First Louisiana Battalion
        wpe9.jpg (804 bytes) 2nd Trans-Mississippi Battalion

Mississippi Valley Brigade Links:

wpe9.jpg (804 bytes)Elk River Battalion
        wpe9.jpg (804 bytes)27th Alabama Infantry, Company I
        wpe9.jpg (804 bytes)1st Tennessee, Company K

wpe9.jpg (804 bytes)Red River Battalion
        wpe9.jpg (804 bytes)Co. K, 6th Texas ALAMO GUARD

wpe9.jpg (804 bytes)Trans-Mississippi Volunteer Infantry
        wpe9.jpg (804 bytes)2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles Co. B
        wpe9.jpg (804 bytes)The Capital Guards Company A,
         wpe9.jpg (804 bytes) 6th Arkansas Volunteer Infantry
        wpe9.jpg (804 bytes)7th Arkansas
        wpe9.jpg (804 bytes)1st Texas Infantry, Company "B" Livingston Guards
        wpe9.jpg (804 bytes)12th Texas Volunteer Infantry
        wpe9.jpg (804 bytes)19th Texas Volunteer Infantry, Company "A"



The War of the Rebellion is a compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies published under the direction of the Secretary of War, The Honorary Elihu Root, Brig. Gen. Fred. C. Ainsworth, the Chief of the Record and Pension Office, U.S. War Department, and Mr. Joseph W. Kirkley (Mr. John S. Moodey, indexer). The Official records of the Unites States and Confederate Navies are also available.


Favorite Sites:

wpe9.jpg (804 bytes)The Civil War Trust
wpe9.jpg (804 bytes)The Breckinridge Battalion
wpe9.jpg (804 bytes) Civil War Reenactor Homepage
wpe9.jpg (804 bytes) Sons of Confederate Veterans Homepage
wpe9.jpg (804 bytes) Reenactment/Living History Group and Organization Links
wpe9.jpg (804 bytes) Camp Chase Gazette: The Voice of Civil War Reenacting
wpe9.jpg (804 bytes)The U.S. Frontier Brigade

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