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It is only through a concerted effort of all of the officers that we can attempt to assure the greatest level of safety for all of our men.

Safety Regulations:
1. No loaded revolvers whatsoever will be carried by any infantry officer or infantry NCO on the field. Also no revolvers are permitted to be carried at any time by the rank and file at the company level in the infantry branch.

2. Only NCOs are ever allowed to draw a rammer on the field and only to repair a fouled weapon.

3. No mini balls or any form of  projectile is to be found on the person or in the accoutrements of any man during any  event. One is to make certain that any of these items, which maybe used for demonstration purposes during living histories, are promptly removed from one’s gear before taking to the field.

4. POSITIVELY NO LATE ARRIVALS will be permitted to fall in the ranks after a specific time at events.  If and when there are exceptions made to these time deadlines the Battalion Officers will notify Co. Commanders prior to the event, otherwise these time restrictions should be strictly adhered to.  These deadlines will be the responsibility of the Co. Commanders to enforce. Once the battalion inspection is complete, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, all latecomers are to be assigned to the Battalion Provost for camp patrol and guard during the battle.

5. A battalion weapon inspection shall be performed immediately following every battalion formation.

6. Although weapon inspection forms can be obtained from the Major at anytime, The Major will distribute these forms to each Co.’s Commanding Officer prior to battalion formation. These forms are to completed and returned immediately after the battalion inspection and only to the Major.

Items, which Co. Commanders need to address and pay close attention to during inspections, are:
A. That the rifle is clean and in proper working condition, i.e., inspector should hear a “ping” when the rammer is dropped in the barrel, should make certain that the hammer will function at half cock, that the trigger is working properly, that the nipple is clean, etc.
B.  All bayonet scabbards should have metal tips
C.  All cartridge boxes should be lined with tin containers
D.  All cartridges should be rolled properly with no staples or wadding and a max. of 65 grains of black powder.
E.  All canteens are full to help prevent heat related health problems
F.  That all officer’s pistols are inspected and unloaded
G.  That there are no two banded rifles in the ranks
H.   Lastly, that all the men in the ranks meet the minimum age requirements for that event.

7. At the end of any scenario, ALL troops will be reformed by the Battalion Commander for the purpose of safely discharging any loaded weapons. No straggling back to camp until this battalion weapons check is concluded.

8. All weapons are to be cleaned thoroughly before the next official weapons inspection.

9. The Command reserves the right to ask any individual or group of individuals under its command to leave any event if and when that individual or group is found to be in violation of the Safety Regulations established by this battalion.