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24 Aug 2000

You Lied


You lied / Michal Okon – music of “you’ll see” Madonna

You knew I couldn’t live without your care
I tried,
You knew I could not hold another day
You knew I had nothing
Without you by my side
You knew
I won’t survive

You said that someone else would take me home
You lied,
You thought that I would be okay alone
But after all I've seen
I just want back to where I've been
You lied
‘bout everything

Chorus: All on my own
I had to end my life alone
You thought I'd survive
You thought I‘d stay alive
Boy, you were wrong
If you could only see me now
I don’t know how
You could have done that to me
I see

The lights were bright, and I could not escape
It hurt,
Just then I understood it's time to leave
But all I could think of
Were you and all the long-lost love
But now, it’s gone
For good


You lied, you lied
You lied, mmmm, mmmm


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