The Watch Dog Song
You Lied
Raise Me for a Reason
True Dog Love
Crazy For You


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24 Aug 2000

Lyrics and Poems


On these pages you can find many lyrics of songs you might know already but all the words have been changed from a dog's point of view.
You are welcome to use or copy these lyrics,  but if you do - please give me the credit for the hard work I did by re-writing the songs.

On every page there will be a MIDI file box, where you can active the MIDI file to enjoy and try to sing the "new" written songs with the Midis. If you have a better version of one of these files, or if you have created a lyric or a poem about a dog, you can send them to me and become a part of this musical page.

Just click on the lyric you'd like to view... and don't forget the most important thing - Enjoy!

The Watch Dog Song - music of "I just called to say I love you", a very nice one.
You lied - music of "You'll see", a very sad song about the short life of a street dog.
Raise Me for a Reason - with the music of "Love me for a reason", the song of a pet-dog.
True Dog Love - with the music of "Truly madly deeply", what every dog will surely say!
Crazy For You - with the music of Madonna's song "Crazy For You".

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