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24 Aug 2000

Dogs Intelligence


The common dog publications  (i.e.: veterinarian sites, training books and breeding) don't give the exact frame of the dogs intelligence or its thinking level.
These pages will give you the information to fill up these spaces. As a dog lover and a trainer, I wanted to let all of the dog owners and lovers an idea of the dogs intelligence and the skill lever that every dog, and every dog breeds have. More above that, I'm giving you here the information about the abilities and qualifications that the dog breeds are different at.
We give you here the base for what is written, we give you the information about the dog's evolution, though its mind and way of thinking are depended on the biological build and the powers of the evolution that have affected on it.
The dog's intelligence are a part of the dog's soul, we give you here the way to control your dog's intelligence, by tests, tricks and letting the dog the right life living.
You have the tools to control your dog's intelligence, by raising a puppy the right way, letting the dog explore his own way, letting the dog learn on him self, and giving the dog some tests from time to time.
Living with a smart dog are much easier then living with a "stupid" dog (there is NO thing as a stupid dog), a dog that knows how to act with new situations is better for children, old people, family as a working dog or a trained dog, or even just a dog lies down by your bed's side, sleep most of the day, smart dreams are better the empty ones :) .

We are basing this information with the help of dog trainers, veterinarian Drs., dogs psychos, and information that dog lovers could have give us to write down our statements.
We are hopeful for you to try out these tests that we give here, and even contact us and let us know how smart your dog is? We hope that this information that we give here will help you with living with your dog, and let you understand your dog(s) in a better way.

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