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24 Aug 2000

Understanding Your Dog

Understanding your dog id the most important thing. While training it, showing it at dog show or just living with it at home.

There are few ways for understanding most popular are the sounds, body language as: mouth, tail, ears, eyes, body and paws etc.
When you understand your dog's language, you can avoid dog fights, better training and easier living with an understandable pet.

If you start working with your puppy from age of 7-9 weeks to "show" you what he means, he will grow up as a mature, intelligent, joyful dog.
All people usually think that their dog is stupid but they just don't get it that it's not the dog that doesn't understand, it's them... not understanding their dog.
We also don't believe in training a dog, what I call training is most of the time off leash, not making the dog do a thing, only guiding him. When a dog does something because he want's to, he will work nicer and will be happy to work as much as his owner would like and will be very happy to please him.

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