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24 Aug 2000

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Name: Filly

DOB: 27 Dec 95

Breed: Lurcher

Sex: Female

Favorite Treat: Water melons

Best Tick: Animal voices, as: cow, pig, wold, dog (duh?!)

Life hobbies: Hello, my name is Filly. At my page you can find information about me, and my usual doggidays. You might asked your self about my silly name, well Filly in Latin means "Loves", well my mom hoed that I'd love her... the name did the trick :) .

I’m training my mom at Agility, we really enjoy it, and I got 2nd place at the Israeli competition (for now). I also work at Schutzhund. At Schutzhund, we do tracking, obedience, and protection. You can look at the Photo Album to see some photos of me working at the Schutzhund.

Most of my day, I’m at home and watching the birds go by, or if I have some time (and sun), I sleep on the porch. Most of the time, when my mom comes home, we work a little. I need to take out a lot of energy after all I'm part Saluki and part German Shepherd, so I go to my 8km run, and if my mom has time, I go to run with her. She also go to the horse ridding, so I get to go with her and to run there with the horses. I have my doghouse and my toys, so I think I can say that I have a dog's life, but I love them!

At Schutzhund, I work once a week, on Saturdays mornings (4:00am), and at Agility twice a week. I love working at the training’s I have, and I’ll keep on train, until I won’t be able to jump anymore (like that will ever happened)…!

Also you can ask me ANY questions, about dogs, or anything that you wish to know. Send the questions to:

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