So, you want to know my big brother better, do you?
Well, lets start off with the basics:

Seishi title:
Seishi symbol:
Its location:
Seishi power:

Hair colour:
Eye colour:
Blood type:
Myou Juan
Shin (sadness)
Left palm
Healing (can only do one MAJOR healing a day, though)
22 when he first appears
Dark brown/black
Ice blue
199cm (pretty darned tall!)
May 7 (Taurus)
Mitsukake is a strong, silent type, although he does have a penetrating dry wit which he shows all too rarely. He is a dedicated friend and loves those he considers his friends deeply. He cares about animals as well as people. In fact, sometimes he seems to like them better than humans. Because his seishi power is healing, Mitsukake finds it more difficult than most doctors to deal with the inevitability of death. It is hard to know that, had you arrived only a few minutes earlier, or not used most of your power on something not so life-threatening earlier in the day, a person who is now dead might have been walking around as though nothing had ever happened.
Of course, no discussion of Mitsukake would be complete without mentioning his cat, the incredibly cute and intellegent Tama-neko! There's so much to say about him, he's got a page all to himself!

Beyond here be spoilers BEWARE!!



Okay people, it's tissue time....
Mitsukake is introduced in episode 16. Well, at least, as Mitsukake. In fact, he is first seen in episode 15, where he is introduced as "Myou Juan" a doctor who might be able to cure the deadly disease which Miaka has caught. In episode 16 we learn that he was in love with a woman named Shouka, who had died a year earlier, and although he didn't know t, she wasn't resting all too peacefully. Because of his miraculous healing abilities, Juan blames himself for her death, which occurred when he was far away helping another village. He arrived too late to save her, and in his grief he left the town and refused to have anything to do with other people. Because of this, he does not know Shouka is still "alive" until Hotohori mentions her name while trying to persuade him to help Miaka. "Shouka" has the ability to bring a person back to life once he has died of the disease, but Hotohori states, "We can't do it Shouka's way." When Juan hears this, he looks up stunned. "Shouka, you said?" he asks, "Shouka, one year ago, died!" This is, of course, a shock to everyone. As it turns out, in order to hold on and see her love once more, Shouka, on the brink of death, allowed herself to be posessed by a deamon, and has, in actuality, been causing the disease. There is no way to get rid of the deamon without killing her as well, and so, when Miaka reaches the true Shouka beneath the deamon's influences, Shouka urges Juan to use his powers to destroy the deamon, thereby killing her once again. Reluctant, but determined to free his love from the burden of this horrific deamon, Juan unwraps the bandages he had placed around his left hand. Shouka smiles, knowing that release will at last be hers. Raising hisleft hand with the palm facing her, he incants the words "Youma Messyou" and an intense green light is seen which destroys the deamon. The house dissolves as well, and a grief-stricken Juan holds Shouka's lifeless body once again. When he heals Miaka of the remnants of her deamon-caused illness, his character is revealed, and the other seishi learn that he is Mitsukake.

Even more tissue time....

During the war with Kutou, when Suzaku's powers have been sealed,

Misukake is hit by a ki-blast from The Asshole (Nakago), simply to test if

the powers of Suzaku are indeed sealed. While he is recovering, he insists

on helping the sick and injured. Even though he is weak himself, he works

tirelessly to heal those he can, although his powers as a seishi no longer

exist. Chichiri desperately trys to get him to rest, but he refuses, saying

that he is a doctor, and it is a doctor's duty to heal those who can be

healed and fight for the lives of those who might be saved (not in so many

words, of course, but I'm understandibly reluctant to watch the episode

again to see what he does say). Determined to save more people, he

thinks about the Gembu seishi, and the power that even their ghosts had

retained. When a desperate mother runs up with her infant daughter

Shouka, who is dreadfully sick, Mitsukake makes a fateful decision. He

chooses to die, and send the passing energy of his soul to heal all those he

can save. With Chichiri screaming at him to stop, and even trying to

pysically restrain him from ending his own life in such a way at such a

time, he wills himself to pass on his energy to all those who need it, and

dies. The eternally self-sacrificing seishi makes the ultimate sacrifice,

and all those arond him are healed. Even soldiers out in the courtyard who

lay where they had fallen fighting each other are brought back to life, and

begin to face off against each other again, shouting insults and such usual

preludes to battle, until Chichiri screams at them to stop, tears rolling

down his cheeks. "Don't waste your lives right in front of my eyes!" he

cries, in angish over the loss of the one among the seishi he most

identified with. Those who witnessed this great event sit in reverence,

healed of their injuries, amazed by the man who was willing to do so much.

(;_;) Sorry, this always makes me bawl.

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