It's May 7th, so:
Happy Birthday Aniki!
Well, welcome to my Mitsukake shrine.
Who am I, you ask? I am Mitsukake's kawaii imouto, Kochou. No, of course you haven't heard of me before, I wouldn't have expected you to. After all, nobody ever told you much about Aniki's background, did they?
Well, I'm here to remedy that. This page is sortof a combination of shrine and fanfiction, so enjoy!

Things to do here

Meet my aniki, Mitsukake (the handsome fellow this page is about) UPDATED
Meet me (I'm just so shy, please don't stare) UPDATED
Meet the rest of the family (the whole clan of us) UPDATED
Meet Shouka (my Aniki's darling) NEW
Meet Tama-neko (the ever-famous kitty) NEW

Things to read here

The History of a Silent Seishi (Aniki's early life) NOT UP YET
A Wonderful Love Story (Aniki falls in love!) NOT UP YET
The Day of the Flood(a tribute to many lives lost and changed) NOT UP YET

That's all I have for now, please come back later!
Why don't you tell me what you think! E-mail me!

Look how many people have visited since Aniki's Birthday!

And guess what, I'm now a Mitsukake no Seishi! Sugoi!

Oh lookety-look! I joined the Mitsukake webring! See! There really are other people out there who love Aniki as much as I do!
The Silent Bishonen Webring
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