Hi there. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Myou Kochou... Well, actually it's not the only one I have, but it's the personality I'm talking about for now, K? (~_~);;

Now I know you're probably very curious as to how I figured out that Mitsukake was my Aniki. Well, in fact, I am a big Anime addict, and a friend of mine kindly introduced me to a wonderful Anime called Fushigi Yuugi. I immidiately fell in love with Chichiri, and he is still my alltime favourite, but when Mitsukake was introduced, I felt an instant rapport. You see, the thing I have failed as yet to mention about myself is that I'm a healer. Not a doctor, but a healer. I have always been good at using ambiant energy (chi, for those who will understand this term better) to take away the pain of others. All my friends come to me when they have headaches or sore backs or pulled muscles, because they know that all I have to do is concentrate for a minute or so, not even touch them, and the pain will go away.
I realize some people may be sceptical when they read this, but please believe that it's absolute truth.
Anyway, because of this, I created for myself the character of Myou Kochou.

Now, on to my Character stats:

Name: Myou Kochou
Special skills: healing (relief of pain)
Age: 9 during "The Flood" 21 now (time flows differently across the worlds, and the gap between Aniki's age and mine decreased from seven years to four, approximately, if you don't count that Aniki died (sniff;_;) which gets kinda confusing, cause if you count that he was about 22 to 23 when he died, that makes the age gap only one or two years)
Hair colour: light sea green
Eye colour: grey-blue
Height: 170 cm approximately
Blood type: O
Birthday: November 2 (Scorpio)
Personality: Kochou is rather quiet and shy, although she can be very garrolous and giggly around strangers to throw them off-track. Once she is comfortable with someone and no longer feels the need to keep them at a distance, or, ironically enough, if she realy likes someone but hasn't told them this, she has a disturbing tendancy to clam up and not say a word for hours. She is very caring about those around her, animal or human, and likes to talk to animals and even plants. She has an uncanny ability to see someone else's motivations, even if they are opposing her, and this makes her sometimes a "devil's advocate" and her own worst enemy. Gentle most of the time, her pliant exterior hides a will of steel. She will not be bent to another's will if she feels that what they are about clashes with her own beliefs. She's hard-working when she has to be, but she loves to simply get away from everything and everyone and sit in the forest. She also loves stories and songs, and is always making up wonderful, impossible stories to tell her younger brother and older brothers and sisters and her beloved nephew.

Well, thanks for reading this. If you come back later I will also have a scanned pic of Kochou, so please keep checking back!

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