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Progesterone really is the missing *link* in balancing our hormones!

Below I am listing a few of the problems that progesterone is helping to alleviate. There are many more, but this will give you a good idea on how important progesterone can be as it balances the estrogen in your life!


...helps the Adrenal Glands!

When we stop producing enough progesterone the adrenals of many women are so depleted they can't even make enough progesterone to make the corticosteroids. This may be an important factor in chronic fatigue syndrome, which is so common in women in their mid-30s and early 40s.

...helps with Allergies!

Adequate cortisone blocks the histamine response to allergens. Progesterone is the precursor not only to estrogen and testosterone, but also to all the corticosteroids made by the adrenal gland. Without enough progesterone you are wide open to having allergies.

...helps with Arthritis!

Natural progesterone has anti-inflammatory properties, that you can rub directly on the joint or tissue that hurt.

...helps the Autoimmune System!

It has long been know that progesterone is produced in the central nervous system and that it plays a role in helping nerves communicate with each other. Progesterone is the main precursor to corticosteroids and in progesterone-deficient women, restoration of normal progesterone levels may enhance corticosteroid production, thus suppressing the autoimmune attack.

...helps with *Brain Fog*!

This from Dr. John Lee: "So now I understood why some of my patients who gave this to their elderly mothers and aunts who were in nursing homes, they gave it to them for their bones or because it's so wonderful for skin, it hydrates skin again, makes skin much better, these elderly women all became much more alert and aware. Women who were content to just to lie in bed all day and couldn't keep track of the conversation with their niece or whatever, after a week or so of being on progesterone they're up leading discussions on the headlines and the latest in book reviews."

...helps avoid Breast Cancer!

According to Dr. John Lee it has been estimated that if women, beginning at the age of 25, routinely used natural progesterone, breast and uterine cancers in women could be reduced by 70%. How much is your health worth? Men, how much is your wife's, mother's, or sister's health worth?

...helps with Endometriosis!

While the cause of endometriosis is unknown we do know that it is an estrogen driven disease. And the body's natural anti-estrogen is progesterone. We know that when a woman falls pregnant, often endometriosis will disappear, only to return again after pregnancy. This suggests that high progesterone levels produced in pregnancy play an important part in controlling this disease.

...helps with Hair Loss!

Progesterone inhibits the enzyme which turns testosterone naturally present in the skin into DHT which builds up in the hair follicle and chokes your hair. A normal hair will get thinner and thinner as the follicle closes up and will eventually fall out. Since hair growth is a slow process, it may take four to six months for the effects of the progesterone to become apparent.

...with Libido!

Clinical observations over many years clearly demonstrate that loss of libido is restored in those patients that used progesterone supplementation. Dr. Lee comments in his book that his progesterone- using patients reported that their sex life after progesterone therapy was better than at any time in the 10 -15 years before menopause.

...helps with Migraines!

Without details here, I just want you to know that there are several gals in this support group that have suffered for years with Migraines now reporting to me their relief since using the Endau Progesterone Cream.

...helps with Osteoporosis!

Dr. John Lee has found that the use of a topical progesterone cream leads to a 10% increase in bone density within 6 to 12 months, followed by an annual increase of 3 to 5% until the bone density of his post-menopausal patients stabilizes at the levels of a healthy 35 year old woman! It has also been reported that it builds the bone from the inside-out not outside-in like so many products on the market giving you more stability.

...helps with Water Retention!

Progesterone supplementation can help eliminate sodium and water influx into cell (intracellular edema or water retention). In other words, when progesterone is introduced into the body, weight goes down (excess water is excreted), and blood pressure returns to normal.

This is a brief description of some of the information I provide regarding balancing your hormones. The key is that most women are Estrogen Dominant and Progesterone Deficient! No not just any progesterone will work! You need to be sure it is a good one, has no oils or glycerin to clog the pores, no phyto-estrogens adding more estrogen into your system...

I have found what I consider to be the best and became a distributor so I could offer the women in my group these products at my cost. The product is Endau by Neways!

I want to add that Neways has been declared to have the SAFEST PRODUCTS in the world. That is not Neways tooting their own horn - this comes from Dr. Samuel Epstein, MD, Professor of Environmental and Occupational Medicine.

If you have questions, please feel comfortable in asking them! Aging can be a wonderful time in our lives and it is worth investing in ourselves to make that happen. Women as young as 20 are now feeling the effects. It would be wonderful to spare them some of the horror stories we have lived through and have heard so much about from other women.


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