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About Me and My Purple Fetish!

Me - I’m just a normal person. I put my pants on one leg at a time almost every morning, just like anyone else. Just like You!

I’m a wife, mother, grandma, caregiver and friend. I’m a control freak, an optimist, a genealogist. I’m into marketing and sales, mlm, healthcare and being healthy - when convenient of course.

I’m not old yet but I’m sure I will be someday — I’m on the verge of purple. Today you might find me on my front porch jumping on a pogo stick with my son and walking in the house with the “granny-farts”!

I hope everyday to love my husband even more, burst with pride over my children, learn something new — and share.

Ok - next question:  What the heck is "Purple WAHM" you ask?  Well we're just like everyone else - we might be a bit older but we still have lots to learn and bunches to teach.  We might not have babies or toddlers running around so much anymore but we do get to spend lots of time with our grandkids.

Most of us have been around the block a few times and we know that you can't just read the distructions, click on the funnel icon and have millions and millions automagically appear in your PayPal account overnight.

You can still find the great hormone information!  Don't panic - LOL.  It's on the About/Contact page.  Also, the Articles are still here.  I hope to be adding many more soon.


The Purple Wahmmy Award

For those Purple WAHMs who have kept going, who never gave up, who found a way and are still finding ways and for those who are not so successful that they have forgotten what it was like to be a newbie WAHM, I would like to award them with a little Purple Wahmmy Award.



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