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My name is Nettie Mae and I am a wife, mother and grandma. One of the things that has led me to learning what I can about different vitamins and minerals is the fact that I'm a woman in my mid-forties and so many things were going on with my body that I can't even fathom - let alone try to explain it all to a doctor. I have tried some hormone drugs and I can tell you - they are definitely not for me.

Since my son was born in 1992 my body has been changing for the worse. Previously, my periods had been fairly regular and moderate to light with not too much in the way of PMS. They didn’t really interfere with my life. 

In the last 10 years ALL of that has changed. It was to the point to where I was wondering what I could tell my gynecologist that would convince her that a hysterectomy would be more than welcomed by me and everyone who lived in our house! But knowing that a hysterectomy is not really a good thing I have basically been enduring menopause as well as possible. 

I was prescribed some hormone pills (Serifem and Provera I think) but those totally didn’t work and I don’t feel they are an option for me.

Then I got to visiting with Denice and she was telling me about this wonderful completely natural progesterone product from Neways and how it might help. I was so excited that there was a viable alternative for me that rather than just order some I signed up to be a distributor!

I have been wanting to have my own home-based business for quite some time. I have always been interested in alternatives to traditional medicine. I simply do not believe that the pills a traditional medical doctor gives you is the only way to treat many illnesses mainly because the medical community, for the most part, won't even acknowledge that alternatives may exist. A friend recently told me, "It's like asking the Pope what church you should join."

With the knowledge that I know more about myself than anyone I set off to find ---- something. I found Neways and a natural Progesterone cream that .... well ..... leaves me speechless quite frankly.  If this works for me half as well as it has for some of the other women who have been wonderful enough to share their stories, I will have my sanity, marriage and my Life back in a very short time.

The Menopause Handbook

I am working on an eBook that will include some of what I have learned about menopause and how progesterone can help.  It is almost done.  To reserve your copy, please email me at sacul7662@yahoo.com and put "Reserve My Copy" in the subject line.

One Goals:

One of my goals to share with other women what I am learning about premenopause and menopause in conjunction with hormones and hormone replacement therapy.

Since learning about progesterone and Neways, I feel as if I have found my calling - that this is what I was Meant to do at this time in my life.  The things I'm learning, the people I'm meeting, this website -- everything just feels "right".  It has been a long time since I have been able to say that about my life.  (Thank you Denice!!)

Another goal is to work my Neways business until I am able to quit my other job and work from home on a full-time basis.

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