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Video (PAL) geneation using a 4Mhz part Any AVR Paul Robson This is the main routine that generates the video signals and can be added to your programs
SPI8515.zip Hardware SPI handling routines AT90s8515 Andrian Cottle This program reads in 16 bit data on the SPI hardware serial port using the 8515 AVR uC. For this application it is used with the MAX176 Serial 12 bit ADC from Maxim.
Any comments, problems etc please contact Adrian at A.V.Cottle@bath.ac.uk
AVRMod PSX MOD chip AT90s2323 Stelios Koroneos How to make a MOD chip for your PSX using the AVR

Control 8 servos simultaneously with rs232 commands AT90s2313
Charlie Krauter
Asm file created using tavrasm assembler on  Linux


Interfacing to Dallas 1305 RTC AT90s8115 J Tidwell Authors web page http://www3.igalaxy.net/~jackt

RS232 circular buffer AT90s2313 J Tidwell Authors web page http://www3.igalaxy.net/~jackt
SerialLCD.zip Ver 1.0 Control a 2x16 LCD through rs232 1 line interface AT90S2313 Stelios Koroneos Check the Serial LCD using the 2313 link for a full description
timcnt2.zip Demonstrates use of sleep mode, interrupts, and precise   hardware generated time delay. From 11/98 issue of Popular Electronics magazine. AT90S1200 Jeff Holtzman Ingeneering Inc.


Sram.zip Example of how to access the SRAM AT90S8115    
lcd.asm Control 2-line LCD  using 4-wire interface AT90S2313 Charles R. Ott  
lcd2.asm Control a 16 char x 1-line LCD using 4-wire bus interface (plus 3 control lines) AT90S4414 Charles R. Ott Modified by Bruce Land for EE476 at Cornell
Port D controls the LCD
Port A, pin 7, supplies power to the LCD
Port B is used for diagnostic LED displays
tones.zip Basic audio synthesizer   Bruce Land  
StartCode V2.zip Getting started code for 8515 V2 90s8515 David B. VanHorn This is a single archive of all the code
StartCode V0.12.zip Getting started code for 8515 90s8515 David B. VanHorn This is a single archive of all the code
AvrFPsrc.zip Floating point math routines in asm All AVR parts except 90s1200 J Tidwell Authors web page http://www3.igalaxy.net/~jackt
avr305.asm Application Note 305  correction 90s1200 Stelios Koroneos Application Note  305 from Atmel had errors which were corrected.
avr30585.asm Application Note 305 correction 90s8515 Stelios Koroneos Same as above but for the 8515




 anew.gif (4047 bytes)  chk8515

    v 0.51

Binary code checker

B. Mueller  

The ATMEL Errata Sheet Rev. B for the AT90S8515 describes the "Skip Instructions with
Interrupts" error. An affected application is extremly hard to debug.
Chk8515 is a Win32-console-utility, which analyzes program-code for the AT90S8515 and shows critical code sections, if existing.
The Errata Sheet can be found at here

Authors web site
  Free basic compiler for the AVR DOS J Tidwell Jack Tidwell is updating his basic compiler much faster than i do this page. In order to get the latest version of this nice and free compiler visit the authors web page http://www3.igalaxy.net/~jackt
Ver 1.20
Convert floating point numbers to/from IEEE format.
Calculate baud rate selector (UBRR) for the hardware UART of the AVR by giving the clock speed and the baud rate.
Calculate values to be loaded to the  timer/counters given the time interval
WINDOWS J Tidwell Authors web page http://www3.igalaxy.net/~jackt
AVREdit.zip External editor for the AVR assembler WINDOWS 95/98/NT Tan Silliksaar Different colors for instructions, definitions, and labels
Uses Atmel's avrasm.exe to assemble
Shows assembling errors right in your code
Helps you to add instructions, definitions, and labels by listing them
Authors Web page
iar2avr.zip Convert IAR assembler source to AVR assembler DOS    
picavr.exe Converts pic 16C54 source code to AT90S1200 Source Code. DOS    
disavr.exe AVR dis-assembler DOS Arthur Von Neumann  

A few quick instructions about submitting files.
When you  send your submission by e-mail please use as subject "Code for the AVR code Archive" in order to be able to filter out the messages
If possible pack source code, binary and any necessary instructions/schematics  in a single archive.
This will save space and  time for everybody :-).
In the message please include a brief description of the what the program is doing and for which AVR part is designed.
Also include your WWW page if you have one. Full credits are given

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