My AVR projects

Following is a number of projects i did using the AVR. Some of them are commercial but others are
free to download and use.
I try to include as much info as possible on the project as i believe is the best way for someone to
understand what the program is doing.

Playstation Mod chip - using 2343   anew.gif (4047 bytes)   ! Source code included ! anew.gif (4047 bytes)

NMEA Cruncher chip - using 2313      
Parses NMEA data from a GPS, converting them in a more "digestable" format

The GPS lcd controler is using the NMEA Cruncher routines to dissplay NMEA data on
a 16x2 lcd

anew.gif (4047 bytes) GSM Alarm pager/tracker anew.gif (4047 bytes)
A big update is underway. The GSM Pager/Tracker allows you to get SMS messages to your
GSM phone when one of its inputs is activated. Follow the link for more info.

8 bit Serial  LCD Driver - using 2313
Asm source code and lots of info on how to control an lcd


Under development

A embeded Wav player  using 2313 (partial finished)

Full TCP/IP stack using 8515 and Crystal ethernet chip (An exersise in futility...)

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