As I copy more of the Dow records published in the Exeter News letter I'll add them.
12 July 1831
In Meredith Mr Stephen P Dow aged 19 was killed while working in a factory. While turning iron upon a lathe, his neckerchief caught in the machinery, drew his neck upon the roller and severed his windpipe.
9 Aug 1831

Concord Miss Maria Dow dau of Isaac Dow Esq age 23
16 Aug 1831
Monday morning last, Canaan, Mr Jacob Dow aged 54
Pub 14 Feb 1832
South Hampton George W Pilsbury Esq to Miss Betsey Dow.
Death- 24 June 1832 Kensington Mrs. Abigail Dow, wife of Mr. John Dow  aet 60yrs.
Death- 24 Sept 1833 In this town Mary daughter of Richard Dow aged 20.
Death - 17 June 1834 Kensington Elizabeth Dow 96
Death- 9 Sept 1834 In Providence, Mr Retier P Dow son of Jeremiah Dow Esq of this town. Aged 33
Death- 3 March 1835 Northwood Rosetta Jane Dow only child of Mr John Dow of Newbury.

Pub 21 April 1835
North Hampton, Joseph Dow principal of the Academy in Pembroke to Miss Abby French daughter of Rev Johnathan French.
5 May 1835 North Hampton Col Josiah Dow Jr to Mrs. Eunice Moulton both of Hampton.
7 July 1835 In Portsmouth on Sunday morning last, John T Dow to Miss Martha Ann Lake.

14 July 1835 In this town yesterday morning Samuel G Smith of S. Berwick Me to Elizabeth Dow daughter of Jeremiah Dow Esq.
24 Nov 1835 In Gardiner Mr Benjamin Dow formerly of Kensington to Miss Eliza Lincoln of Gardiner.
Death 12 April 1836 In Bellville (Ten) March 6 Jeremiah Dow Jr son of Jeremiah Dow Esq of this town.
26 Dec 1837 Kensington Johnathan Fitts to Abigail Ann Dow.

Pub 9 Jan 1838         Dec 29 1837 Aquila Dow Esq 66yrs
26 Nov 1839 In this town Tues morning the 19th Mr Oshea Pinkham of Springfield , Mass. to Miss Hannah Parker Dow dau of Jeremiah Dow Esq of this town.
Pub 1 Dec 1840
South Hampton on Thursday afternoon last by the Reverand Mr Trickey of this town, Mr Jacob Eaton of East Kingston to Mrs. Betsey Dow of S. Hampton. One of them is 65 the other is 63.

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