Welcome to the Dow Home Page!!!! This page is dedicated to the research of all Dows. I would love to hear from anyone who has info to add to this page mailto:mc.tigger@verizon.netnew info and comments are always welcome.


I have tried to put as much information as possible on-line for your viewing pleasure and am currently working on making a searchable data base of Dow Kin to link to this site.   Please check back often as I'll be adding new info from time to time.


  • The Book of Dow Explanation of the lettering system, description of the Patriarch of each Dow family covered in the book.
  • Selected stories on Dow's I tossed all the Dow names I have into a hat and pulled out a few .
  • Links What web site doesn't have a link or two? If you have a link that you think would be good here let me know.
  • Records from various sources including the Exeter news.
  • Photos Collection of Photos of Dow family members for your viewing pleasure. What a handsome group!                        
  • Marriages  Various marriage listings   
  • Across the Pond  I added this section to post records that pertain to Dow's not located in North America. I'll post what ever I can find, any help from people located "across the pond" would be most appreciated as I am in North America my resources are rather limited.



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