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To the heroes of humanity who tread the road of progress with giant steps!

Satellite information, transponder uplink and downlink frequency charts for both C and Ku satellites.
Orbital locations, and program information for the North American mobile uplink community.

Related links and  some random flights of thought and fancy.
If you enter through the Personnel Airlock located below, you will reach the Turbo-Lift which supplies access to all station sectors.
The satellite website with a down to earth view from the road!
65 mph to the speed of light in under an hour!

Most recently logged station mutation - February 03, 2003

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Kobe, Japan

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Look for photos of the Japanese adventure at this location in the Nippon album!

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All right, break times over, everyone back on their heads!

Survivor of the "Uplinks from Hell Tour", 1984 -????!
CB Handle - "Space Case"
"Where are we going and why am I in this hand basket?"
Where the tour has been:
Warning - all locations subject to change by my employers on a whim!
Evanston, IL - College Football - Northwestern Univ. vs. Penn. St. -10/19-20/01 - done
WOW!  I needed that break badly.

On freelance status for now.
E. Lansing, MI - Michigan St. vs. Michigan - ABC College Football - 11/02-03/01 - done
Youngstown, OH - Veteran's Day Parade - 11/10/01 - Ku-Band - done
Charlottesville, VA - College Football - Virginia vs. Virginia Tech. - 11/16-18/01 - done

WOW!  A Thanksgiving off.  The entire (bleeping) weekend.
 Well, I have enjoyed the time off, maybe I'll just take a hiatus when it gets too abusive out there on the road.

Green Bay, WI - NFL wild-card playoff - Green Bay vs. San Francisco - Fox Sports - Lambeau Field - 01/13/02 - done
Pittsburgh, PA - NFL Playoff game - Steelers vs. Ravens - CBS Sports - 01/19-20/01- done

Unfortunately I conldn't do the Pats/Steelers game on the 27th and be in New Orleans by Monday morning!
Bloomington, IN - College Basketball - Indiana U. vs. Illinois - CBS Sports - 01/25-26/02 - done
New Orleans, LA - SuperBowl XXXVI - NFL Films World Feed - 01/28-02/04/02 - done

A great game - congratulations to the Patriots!
Bloomington, IN - College Basketball - Indiana U. vs. Louisville - CBS Sports - 02/08-09/02
- done
E. Lansing, MI - ESPN College Basketball  - Michigan St. vs. Illinois - 02/12/02 - done
Ann Arbor, MI - CBS College Basketball - Michigan vs. Indiana - CBS Sports - 02/16-17/02 - done
E.Lansing, MI - ESPN College Basketball - Minn. vs. Michigan St. - 02/21/02 - done
Lincoln, NE - CBS College Basketball - Kansas vs. Nebraska- 02/23-24/02 - done
Snowflake, AZ - Temple dedication - 03/02-03/02 - done
Kansas City, KS - ESPN College Basketball - Big Twelve Tournaments - 03/06-10/02 - done
Des Moines, IA - State High School Basketball Tournament - 03/15-16/02 - done
Ann Arbor, MI - Collegiate Ice Hockey - NCAA West Tournament - 03/22-23/02 - done
Las Vegas, NV - National Assoc. of Broadcasters Convention - 04/04-11/02
The truck lost it's transmission near Amarillo, TX - now in the shop - continuing with rental beast
Long Beach, CA - Toyota Grand Prix CART Racing - 04/12-14/02
Picked up the truck in Amarillo, got as far as Oklahoma City and had to put it in the shop again for air problems and rear pinion seals.
New Orleans, LA - ABC PGA Golf - 05/01-05/02

Japan (Tokyo, Sendai, Kobe, Toyohashi, Hamamatsu, Saitama, and Yokohama) - World Cup Soccer - 05/21 - 07/03/02 - done
Our clients, The Brazilians, flew home with all the marbles, congratulations!
Seattle, WA - Flying in to receive truck #10 from the shipping company upon it's return from Japan - 07/11-17/02 - done
U.S. Customs and the USDA inspections for release of the truck can't be accomplished till 07/15.
Guess I'm stuck in Seattle until around the 17th.
Home again.  Now for some quality time off!  Months of it if possible - not yet done!
New Orleans, Baton Rounge, and New Iberia, LA - 10/02-05/02
Hurricane Lili - Calhoun Satellite Communications and NBC News Channel
Rockville, MD - STS - Serial Sniper news coverage - 10/09-16/02
Time for a sabbatical!
The last four years have been entirely too full of work days and most of my days off were one at a time.
Thus begins a journey to refresh ties with family and friends!

The BOO2 party was a great success and a fantastic time was had by all!
Loads of thanks to Jennifer, Michelle, Laser Greg , Clark, Rob, John and all the others
who work so hard to bring it all together.
The sabbatical was therapeutic for me in both body and spirit!
The refreshing of bonds with family and friends was long overdue in light of my rather nomadic existence.
Unfortunately I still haven't hit a lottery, so bills being what they are, it's almost time to get back to work.
Alas and AAAaaarrrRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!
Back to a reality of more work in a reality painted with ice and snow!!!

Back in the saddle again! Whoopee!
Wisconsin - Casino promotional in Black River Falls, WI and feeds from Lambeau Field (TBD) - 12/21-23/02
Well, it's been a slow time, winter and the games are over.
I've got a couple of things in the fire, and I'll update soon.

On the freelance circuit once again.  
If you know of anyone in need of C or Ku uplink services have them send me an e-mail!
I'll also consider taking on work at a fixed facility.  It would be nice to stay in one place for a change.

Have Passport, will travel!

You must be at least half crazy to survive for long in this line of work!
"After this many years on the road I definitely qualify on at least two counts!"
"There's nothing wrong with my mind that a little R&R out near Alpha Centauri wouldn't cure."
"Been there, done that, bought the tee-shirt and proceeded to puke all over it."

Greetings from Streetsboro, OH - 02/03/03
Check out the Back Porch for my comments on the new federalized airline security and other things!

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SuperBowl XXXVI

More Photos
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