Here is a comprehensive list of all the links for websites relating to "The Practice" and the wonderful actors who star in it. Of course, there are always new websites popping up every day, so if you know of any I have missed, just let me know.

ABC ad for the cast

Other webpages about the show:

FindLaw Reviews The Practice - My new favorite site. Wonderful reviews of The Practice!!
ABC's Official Site - Has bios, pics, an episode guide for the fourth season, and case records. Pretty fun.
The Practice: The Courtroom - (Matt Schiller) An extremely ambitious fanpage. Come on over and post on the message board.
!Practice Makes Perfect! - (Suzanna) Has FanFiction, a mailing list, and more.
The Practice - (Arthur Tham) The owner of the webring, has updated spoilers, event listings and more.
The Practice - (Ryana) A neat site with transcripts, character profiles and more! Check it out.
The Practice International - (Belinda) A site that goes along with The Practice International Club on Yahoo, it's got theories about the 3rd Season finale and what will happen next, plus more.
The Practice Fan Fiction - (Melly) A site dedicated completely to fan fiction. If you like fanfic this site is very comprehensive! There is also some Bobby and Lindsay wallpaper.
McDermott's Practice - A site with a lot of fun practice stuff to look through!
A Practice Site - (Arwen) A site with lots of pictures! Check out the cool images on the first page! A must see.
The Practice Page - A new site with detailed character bios.
Seri@dom@ni@ - Cool! A Portuguese site for The Practice. Check it out....even if you can't understand a word of it... :-)
SMZ's Le Site - The Practice in French.
The Practice File Cabinet - (Celeste) A new site that already is and will grow to be extremely comprehensive. With FAQ, information about characters, clients, cases and more.
The Practice 2000 Homepage - (Melly) A wonderful site with lots and lots of fun information!! Check this out!
The Practice 2000 - (Melly) Detailed summaries for all the fourth season episodes! Plus screen captures and more! Check it out.
Joan's Practice Site - A new Practice Site under construction but worth a visit!
The Practice Coffeeroom - A fun new site with great character profiles!
The Practice Zone - A site with a link to an episode guide, and some postcards.
Bite Me - (Sumac) A new page for the show, with some magazine articles, links to character profiles and a list of episodes.
Practice Page - (Kelly) A wonderful site for the show, with tons of screen captures! Great!
IMDB's Card for "The Practice" - This is a great place for esoteric details; it lists the full cast and crew, plus guest appearances.
Ultimate TV: The Practice - The best part about this site is usually the Real Player Video Preview (which they only have sporadically).Dylan

Webpages devoted to cast members:

Erika's Dylan McDermott Fanpage - The best Dylan page out there! Enough pics to drool over for a lifetime! Yipeee!
Dylan McDermott - (Shamim) A great Dylan site, with a ton of great pics, and postcards to send to your fellow Dylanites!
Erin's Dylan McDermott Page - A Dylan page with some pics, a Dylan puzzle, and more.
Selena's Dylan McDermott Page - Quite a few pics on this site!
The Sexiest Man Alive - (Megan) A new Dylan site!
Estar's Bio of Dylan - Check out this detailed bio of the gorgeous Dylan.
Dylan McDermott's Memoirs - (Alayna) No, this isn't Dylan's REAL memoirs, just a really cool site and the home of the new Dylan McDermott webring! Check it out.

Camryn Manheim's Official Site - Maintained by her brother, who keeps this site updated with all the latest info about Camryn. You can even email her personally.
Joe Sherlock's Camryn Fanzine - A great fan site with lots of images and the latest info on all things Camryn.
Revenge-A Camryn Manheim Fanpage - (Leora) A site with a bio and some pics.
Camryn Manheim Fansite - (Celeste) A page with lots of images and news about Camryn.
Camryn-Bold, Brilliant & Beautiful - (Griselda) A nice site, with an interesting story on what Camryn means to the webmistress.
Camryn Manheim Fanpage - Has links and a filmography.
The Camryn Page - A story about a fan who met Camryn at a book signing.
Estar's Bio of Camryn - An interesting and detailed bio of Camryn.

Kelli Williams Website - (Sarah) Lots of great info about Kelli, along with great images and screen captures.
Kelli Williams Screen Captures - (Luperkal) Great screen shots of Kelli in her role as Lindsay on The Practice, as well as of her other work in movies and television. Check it out!

Steve Harris Fanpage - (LindaRenee) Info about Steve Harris, where he grew up, etc.
Lara Flynn Boyle's Cloud Nine - (Jason) A fanpage with news, images and more.
The Virtual Lara Flynn Boyle Scrapbook - A fun and crazy site made by a Lara fan in the Netherlands. Check it out.
Tigger's Lara Flynn Boyle site - A great site with lots of pics of Lara!

MarlaVision - (John) A nice site, with a list of Marla's work, and links to other sites.
MarlaMania - a new Marla site with lots of neat stuff. It's got pics of Marla, articles about her and much much more!

The Yahoo! Clubs:

My Practice Club
Allison's Practice Club
David E. Kelley Fan Club
Camryn Manheim Fans
Kelli Williams
Fans of Dylan McDermott
Dylan's Disciples
The Practice International
Australian Practice Club(All fans are welcome!)
Bobby and Lindsay's Practice
Kevin's The Practice Club
The Practice Discussion Group

Lindsay Dole
All About The Practice
The Practice and Kelli Williams

Additional Discussion Forums: - Go to remarq to access online. Search for "the practice" and it should come up!

Have I missed any important links? Send them to me. Please also tell me if any of these links are broken or outdated. Thanks!

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