"Practical" Trivia!!

Lindsay and Bobby in jail

How much do you know about The Practice and the actors who star in it? Here are 24 random questions about the characters and the people who play them. Click on the answer you think is correct, and a little window will pop up to tell you whether you're right or not. Keep track of how many you get right, and scroll down to the end to find out what it all means! And remember....HAVE FUN!!!

Where did Bobby go to law school?
A.Boston University
B.Harvard University
C.Suffolk University
D.Yale University

Which game did Lindsay say she lost to her brother at age six?
D.Chutes and Ladders

When Dylan McDermott accepted his Golden Globe in 1998, what did he say was the only other thing he ever won?
A.People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People
B.A soccer trophy
C.TV Guide's Top 10 Sexiest Actors
D.Top 100 Irish Americans

How did Helen and Lindsay originally meet?
A.when they faced off in court
B.through Bobby
C.when they were little girls
D.at Harvard Law School

Which member of the firm used to be a private investigator?

Which game did Camryn Manheim challenge David E. Kelley to during her audition?

What did Lucy say her dad did for a living?
A.practiced law
B.drove a cab
C.painted houses
D.was a janitor

How was Bobby involved in his mother's death?
A.He was driving the car when a terrible accident occurred and killed his mother.
B.He watched his mother die of a heart attack.
C.He tried to do CPR on his mother but failed.
D.He unplugged the machines that were keeping his mother alive.

When Jimmy was shot and was in a coma, what was the first thing he said when he woke up?
A.Who am I?
B.I've been shot!
C.It's normal size!
D.Where am I?

When did Helen make a pass at Bobby?
A.at a Christmas party
B.in Bobby's office
C.at a Halloween party
D.in court

What was Steve Harris's nickname in college?
D.The Grunt

How did Ellenor initially meet George Vogelman?
A.at his podiatry office
B.through a personal ad
C.when he walked into the office with the head in his medical bag
D.at her Jewish temple

What was Lindsay's first jury trial?
A.suing a tobacco company
B.representing a girl with Tourette's Syndrome
C.defending a drug dealer
D.suing a gun manufacturer

Where did Rebecca witness a gruesome shooting?
A.outside her apartment
B.at an elementary school
C.at a gas station convenient store
D.on the street outside the office

After all of Lindsay's pleas, what was Anderson Pearson's final sentence?
A.25 years
B.Life in prison
C.500 hours of community service
D.Two years, minimum security

In The Practice/Ally McBeal crossover, which historical figure did the client (supposedly) believe herself to be?
A.Lizzie Borden
B.Susan B. Anthony
B.Clara Barton
C.Calamity Jane

Which cast member knows sign language in real life?
A.Kelli Williams
B.Lara Flynn Boyle
C.Camryn Manheim
D.Marla Sokoloff

Which cast member's spouse guest-starred in a third season episode?
A.Michael Badalucco
B.Dylan McDermott
C.Kelli Williams
D.Linda Hunt

Which third season episode did Dylan McDermott direct?
A.Happily Ever After
C.The Defenders
D.Reasons to Believe

What kind of animal did Ellenor fight to keep alive?
A.a whale
B.a bengal tiger
C.a chimpanzee
D.a rat

A juror approached a laywer in an elevator and asked her out on a date. Which lawyer was it?

Helen is haunted by the death of which relative?
A.her father
B.her sister
C.her grandmother
D.her aunt

Why did Bobby and Helen break up?
A.Helen caught Bobby with Lindsay.
B.They didn't have enough time for each other and decided to break it off.
C.Helen was prosecuting a man Bobby was defending and neither one would drop the case.
D.Bobby wanted children and Helen didn't.

Why did Eugene, Ellenor and Bobby get angry with Jimmy during the defamation suit against Tommy Silva?
A.His opening statement was terrible.
B.He was too soft on cross-examination.
C.He wouldn't call Helen to the stand.
D.He apologized to the plaintiff in open court.

So what's the verdict? Practice Genius or Practically Clueless? Check below for the judgement on your score....

If you got 23 - 24 right: You've passed the bar with flying colors and you're liscensed to watch "The Practice!"

If you got 16 - 22 correct: You're ahead of the class with only a few mistakes. Keep studying and you'll be a professional "Practice" watcher before you know it!

If you got 8 - 15 correct: Keep studying and keep watching. With a little extra attention and dedication you can catch up to the die-hard "Practice" Fans!

If you got 0 - 7 correct: You better hit the books...er...the TV! Because you're quickly falling behind! It will take a lot of work to catch up but it will enrich your life to pay close attention to "The Practice!"

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