Here is Andrew’s filmography from 1990 onwards. Character’s names, dates and episodes (where relevant) are given to the best of the society's knowledge. Updates will occur as new information comes to hand.   


Year Title Episode (where applicable) Character Name
1990 Betty's Bunch (TV Series) regular character ?
An Angel At My Table (Film) - Bruddie Frame
1991 The Remand of Ivan Curry (Film) - ?
Ruby and Rata (Film) - Salesman
The New Adventures of Black Beauty (TV Series) regular character Constable Carmondy
1992 Shortland Street (TV Series) regular character Steve Mills
1993 End of the Golden Weather (Film) - Joe Dyer
Shortland Street (TV Series) regular character Steve Mills
1994 Shortland Street (TV Series) regular character Steve Mills
Cover Story (TV Series) guest star Jamie Bowen
High Tide (TV Series) "The Runaways" Danny Crenshaw
1996 Xena: Warrior Princess (TV Series) "Is There a Doctor in the House?" Hippocrates
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (TV Series) "Fade Out" Marcus
1997 Topless Women Talk About There Lives (Film) - Geoff*
1998 Tiger Country (TV Series) regular character "Clueless"
The Legend of William Tell (TV Series) regular character Lord Xax
Duggan (TV Series) "Moving House" Peter Burgson
The Dark Knight (TV Series) - Brack
2000 Lawless (TV Series) "Dead Evidence" Graham Newby
2001 Street Legal (TV Series) Regular character Jack Clifford


Year Title            Theatre Character
1994 Titus Andronicus ? Prince Bass
1995 The New Rocky Horror Show St.James (Wellington) Brad Majors
Phantom of the Opera Australian Tour Raoul
Money and Friends ? Justin
1996 Assassins ? Charles Guiteau
The Changeling ? The Changeling
? Forbidden Memories Maidment ?
? Intimate Stranger ? ?

*Award for Best Supporting Actor, Film: New Zealand Film & Television Awards (1997) - Topless Women Talk About Their Lives


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