JANUARY 2002 : The President inforced strict new image copying  laws after discovering an ABAS image used on another celebrity site without permission earlier this week.  "I happened to be surfing the internet for any new Andrew Binns content when lo and behold - I see one of my images being used on some low budget site, along with what I strongly suspect to be information from my filmography page."  The President had previously felt no need to plaster ABAS images with logos to ward off evil cyber image stealers. "I have in the past, had an easy-going attitude towards my collection of images.  I wanted to show the world His Sexiness in all his glory (well clothed glory ;) but now I feel I've been violated."

The new laws mean that anyone wanting to take images or information from The Andrew Binns Appreciation Society must seek permission from the President prior to saving any content from the site. "I didn't spend all these years buying magazines, researching and spending hours working hard on my site for some little snot to rip it off like that."

Regular visitors to ABAS will notice the changes taking place in the next few weeks.  "Its sad that I have to logo virtually everything now, my I have to protect what I've worked hard to create."

The President also made the remark that The Andrew Binns Appreciation Society is still the number 1 place on the net  for Andrew Binns information and images - "I don't need to take information from other sites.  I am the best sorce around and even Andrew should know that!"


Andrew On The Tube UPDATE!

January 2002:

Just when you thought you'd recovered from Binns Withdrawl Symptoms, Andrew is back again!  Andrew will be on TV4 this Friday (25th January), playing Geoff in the New Zealand hit movie, Topless Women Talk About Their Lives.  Definitely worth a look - a very funny movie!

August 2001:

Well after what seemed forever, Andrew is back on NZ television, this time billed as "TV's newest Villian" (We at ABAS like the sound of that!) on TV2's new series of Street Legal.  Check it out, TV2, 8.30pm on Thurday nights.


July 2001: 

Well, Andrew was spotted again briefly with those not so new ZTalk ads, but apart from that, the dude just ain't around right now! To find out what else Andrew has done, see his filmography.



August 2001:

Welcome to the new look ABAS.  It seems Murphy's Law is alive and well... the President decides to take a break and that is when Andrew stars as a new regular on Street Legal!  Nevermind, it is good to see you back on the screen Andrew, looking as SEXY as ever (see lastest images in Misc Gallery)

We hope you enjoy the new funkier version of ABAS!

March 2001:


March is a special month indeed here at ABAS, for it's that wonderful time of year when we celibrate the birth of His Sexiness!


June 2001: 

Important update for all you regular ABAS people... The President is having a break from ABAS for little while. Of course, as news comes to hand, this page will still be updated. But this page going strong anyway - it really is!


February 2001

ABAS is alive! After 2 months of thought and hard work The Society is up and running!  The President is very pleased with all the hard work her humble assistants have put into this page - making it the best fan site for any kiwi actor in cyber space!


May 2001:

This May celebrates the 6th anniversary of The President meeting Andrew.  Time flies huh? Well as The President gets older, it is certainly beginning to feel that way!

We have a special section this month dedicated to glamour and glitter, fashion and fame – A Night At The Oscars! Well, as close as the Victoria University ball comes to it anyway.  No, Andrew wasn’t there – but The President was and that was just as good!  Check it out here.

January 2001:

A.B.A.S. is currently under beautification, but will be ready for it's grand opening in February. Book mark this page!




April 2001:

After partying hard last month, April should be cruzy! The president is working on a top secret plan that will satisfy any ABAS regular... stay tuned for details! But in the meantime, there are plenty of new add-ons to keep you all entertained.


December 2000:

A.B.A.S is born! Andrew Binns' first exclusive fansite is created. Information, pictures, etc collected over the years are added to the most informative site-to-be found about Andrew on the net!



Theatre News

August 2001: 

As of this very moment, the president is working *VERY* hard to find out if Andrew is "treading the boards" anywhere.  Information will be posted as it come to hand

Anyone who has information regarding Andrew and theatre productions he has been in recently or will be in shortly - please email the President

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