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"The ages of Myst are worlds of adventure and awe; of mystery and beauty; of intrigue and betrayal."
(from Myst: The Book of Atrus)

The Ages of Myst were invented by brothers Rand and Robyn Miller. They started Cyan Inc. (now known as Cyan Worlds Inc.) and with the help of their dedicated staff, created computer games that would change the gaming industry. Drawing on the culture of the "D'ni," an ancient race of humans living in the depths of the earth, Cyan brought us unimaginably breath-taking worlds to explore.

Myst and Riven contain some of the most incredible computer-generated images ever created. These games take you to other worlds and other realities. If you play only one computer game in you're entire life, let it be one of these games.

  • 3-24-04
    More Myst Screenshots
  • I've just finished uploading more Myst screenshots into the Myst Gallery area. The screenshots are now organized by island.


  • Sci Fi Channel Announces Development of a Myst Miniseries!

    Sci Fi Wire featured an article outlining movies and miniseries Sci Fi Channel will air starting in 2003, Myst included. Here is an excerpt:

    "The four-hour miniseries is inspired by the best-selling video game and uncovers an ancient civilization that existed for thousands of years beneath the surface of the Earth- -a civilization that created magical books allowing one to travel to other worlds. A Mandalay Television Pictures production for SCI FI, Myst is executive produced by Elizabeth Stephen with Rand Miller and Susan Bonds of Cyan, in association with Columbia Tri Star Domestic Television."
    (from Sci Fi Wire)

    The entire article can be viewed at

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