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Michael and Maria Fan Fiction

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                 "Together Forever?"
Title: Me & My Space Boy
Author: REL (webmistress)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Michael & Maria
"Maria, come on! We gotta start the movie soon so I can make it back home in time for WWE!"  he calls from the family room.
I roll my eyes.  Such a Michael response. I asked him to watch Never Been Kissed with me so I could spend some time with him, which doesn't happen too often. I take the steaming hot popcorn out of the microwave.  I inhale the nice buttery smell...hey, I know it's not eucalyptus, but I had to inhale some nice smell before Michael would put his arm around me. 
I walk into the family room.  Michael is sprawled across the couch, with his feet set on the coffee table.  He turns to me with an eager look on his face.  Not because he's happy to see me--he's happy to see the popcorn.
Sure enough, I'm right.  "Thanks babe," he says as he takes the popcorn bag from me.  Without saying another word, he begins scarfing down the popcorn.  His mouth isn't fully closed and he makes loud munching noises.  But hey, it IS Michael.  I've learned to except it.  Over the course of our relationship, I've tried to make him more well, human.  Which I know it's impossible, since he is an alien.  Actually, he's an alien hybrid.  He was part of the Roswell crash in 1947.  This would make him at least 56.  Gross, I know. However, he is in the form of an 18 year old guy.  I know, it all sounds weird.  Believe me, I DO NOT act like it's no big deal that he's some other life form.  In fact, when I first found out what he was, it scared me.  My best friend, Liz Parker, told me about them.  Yes, them.  Besides my Space Boy, there's his best friend Max Evans and his sister, Isabel.  The fact that three living aliens went to my high school was a very big FREAKY factor in my daily life. 
Despite all the freakiness that comes with dating an alien, I still wanted to be with Michael.  Yes, everyone knew he treated me like shit.  He didn't want to be in a relationship.  He wanted to be a loner, he didn't think he needed anyone.  I know I could have dumped him anytime and go out with a normal, human guy who had more respect for me.  However, I didn't.  It's hard to explain why I stay with Michael.  I feel drawn to him.  I feel like he somehow understands me.  No matter how much he pisses me off, I still care about him.  Hell, I'll admit it, I love the guy.  I know that I love him, because I wouldn't have lost my virginity to just anyone. I guess deep down I like the danger of being with him.  I like not knowing how things are going to turn out.  It keeps me alert.  And I know that if I was in some kind of danger, Michael would be there for me.  He's not open about it, but I know he loves me too.  He does have his nice, caring sweet boyfriend moments.  Like the time when...wait never mind, I can't really remember one distinctly. I guess the fact that they don't happen very often make them more special.  So, in the end, I've learned to except his flaws.  Sure, he has bad manners, he wasn't always loyal to me, he's done stupid stuff that hurt our relationship, and he's not very repsonsible or respectful.  No matter how hard I try to fight it, he's a part of me.  Yeah, Michael is great.  Sure, he didn't stand outside my house and sing me a song holding a bouquet of roses like Max did for Liz.  But, he did stand outside my house in the pouring rain.  My mom came in to find him in my bed with me.  It pissed my mom off, which was an extra bonus.  And yeah, when we doubled with Max and Liz, Max bought Liz bath bubbles.  Michael bought me 2 in 1 shampoo.  He's not the best at things, but that's what makes my Space Boy special. 
I glance over at Michael.  He's finally stopped stuffing his face with popcorn (because the bag's all empty.)  I glance up at the TV screen.  Drew Barrymore is at the prom with the hot teacher.  I move in a little closer to Michael.  Without looking up, he puts his arm around me.  Boy it's a good thing I inhaled that nice smell of popcorn when I did.  I can tell Michael's not even paying attention to the movie.  He's probably thinking about who he's going to cheer for in the WWE competition tonight. 
"You want some more popcorn?" I ask, resting my head on his shoulder.
"Yeah, sure," he responds. Expecting that response, I sigh as I get up from the couch and make my way to the kitchen.
"Maria," he calls. 
"Yeah?" I question as I turn around to face him.
"Want some help?" He actually removes his eyes from the TV screen. I could tell he was just making the gesture just to be nice.  I could tell he didn't really want to help. He probably said it because he knows I'll nag him tomorrow about not being polite towards me. 
"No, it's ok.  Keep watching the movie."  I smile. Sure, Michael IS Michael.  But he's my Space Boy, and I love him.

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