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The Insider

Based on the article "The Man Who Knew Too Much," THE INSIDER depicts the true story of Jeffrey Wigand (Russell Crowe), a successful scientist who is fired from the Brown & Williamson tobacco company for objecting to certain lab tests. He signs a confidentiality agreement to ease the company's nervousness, but when hotshot 60 MINUTES producer Lowell Bergman (Al Pacino) recruits Wigand to help him decipher some technical documents, he realizes that there's a bigger story hiding inside Wigand. Eventually Bergman convinces him to break the agreement and sit for an interview with Mike Wallace (Christopher Plummer). The resulting media frenzy causes Wigand to lose the support of his family and forces Bergman to confront the harsh reality of his business. Additionally, Wigand is recruited by the state of Mississippi to testify on its behalf that cigarettes are, in fact, addictive. To pay the rent, he begins teaching high school chemistry, waiting for Bergman to convince the network to air the piece. Buckling under corporate pressure, CBS pulls the plug, which sparks Bergman to leak information to the press. As Wigand deals with his personal dilemma, Bergman battles the corporation that begins to show its true colors. Both men must decide for themselves if they've made the right choices.

Like his other films THIEF, MANHUNTER, and HEAT, director Michael Mann takes on the theme of a man trying to do the right thing while trapped by circumstances that could destroy him. Once again Mann pulls terrific performances from his entire cast. Crowe is outstanding as Jeff Wigand, the beleaguered insider who risks everything for the truth. Pacino is suitably tenacious as the once-radical producer Bergman, and Christopher Plummer is excellent as news anchor Mike Wallace. With its brilliant performances and stunning cinematography, THE INSIDER is an emotionally intense film that reveals the consequences of standing up for the truth.



"You better look into it, because I'm getting two things:  pi**ed off and curious."








From Left To Right - Jeffrey Wigand - Russell Crowe - Al Pacino - Lowell Bergman


I have to mention this brilliant cast in this movie the acting was so great they have to be mentioned.. I love acting that is this good
To me so far it is the best Michael Mann film he has to his credits...
I'm Gonna mention all of the cast behind the camera as well this movie was so well done, I feel they should be noticed as well for a great job..
Director:   Michael Mann
Producer:   Michael Mann
    Pieter Jan Brugge
Screenwriter:   Eric Roth
    Michael Mann
    Marie Brenner
Cinematographer:   Dante Spinotti
Composer:   Lisa Gerrard
    Pieter Bourke
    Graeme Revell
Costume Designer:   Anna Sheppard
Editor:   William Goldenberg
    David Rosenbloom
    Paul Rubell
Production Designer:   Brian Morris
Source Writer:   Marie Brenner