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      Rolf Siebrecht ( mailto rolf.siebrecht at t-online dot de ) has created several patches for the siemens-dvb-0.8.2 drivers, correcting various bugs and adding new features, either present in the newer generation of drivers, or because they felt needed. Rolf also added improvements to dvbd daemon.

      Rolf's site ( has gone offline sometime this summer and I personally lost contact with Rolf since spring 2002.

      Since then, there have been a number of people looking for Rolf's patches, and requested assistance in finding them either on the dvb mailing list, or from me. Rolf's site being down, I am currently hosting the latest versions of the patches that I have : level 8 and level 9f. Since level 9f has appeared Ihad no time to check it out and see the differences between 8 and 9f. I don't know if some suggested improvements to dvbd were incorporated by Rolf into 9f or not. This will change soon.

      Google's cache still had Rolf's page and I managed to get it in time. A local copy of that page describing his patch is hosted on this site until he returns online, as courtesy for all those people that look for his patches. Page is unmodified, but the download link to patch level 9f is broken. DVB-0.8.2-patch-9f.bz2 can still be found on this site.

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