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09-13-2002 : Ralph and Marcus Metzler have stopped all development of the DVB drivers at They will continue their own branch elsewhere. See DVB mailinglist posting.

04-12-2002 : Added workaround for DVB cards with factory misconfigured (?) subdevice ID which prevented detection by the new card detect routines in dvb.o

02-08-2002 : Updated patch revision 8 for DVB-0.8.2 drivers by Rolf Siebrecht (Rolf site is gone, Rolf, where are you?), also including new version of dvbd3a (dvbd.c v0.03.2b) seen here in the DVB applications section as a separate software package.

Bad News 12.17.2001 : Convergence Media (Germany), the developers of the GPL distributable driver for the Siemens DVB cards is facing bankrupcy. Little is known of the future of the DVB card drivers.
Interview with the CEO of Convergence

Status of DVB drivers in the view of the current situation : DVB drivers are GPL and will survive, at least in the current state. The firware binaries required by the driver to work will be included (according to developer Ralph Metzler). Source code of the firware is NOT GPL and will not be release. And it's not needed for writing a driver anyway.

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