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DVB daemon, also known as dvbd

dvbd is a network daemon and tuning program for the DVB-S cards.

DVB drivers required : (AFAIK) - siemens-0.7 .. siemens-0.8.2
dvbd will not work with 0.9x drivers as the API has changed.

dvbd original author : (c)2000
dvbd official distribution can be found at
dvbd contributors : Bernd Fromel, Jan Rafaj, Andrei Boros,, Rolf Siebrecht

Features :

  • tuning of the DVB-S card
  • manage filters so that IP data in received stream can be used :
    • set unicast filters based on PID, local IP on another iface, MAC of dvb card
    • set filters as requested by Multicast Router mrouted (modified version)
    • open UDP port 1060 for communication with modified mrouted for dynamic filters setup
  • daemon mode for background operation
  • console logging of tuning parameters and signal quality in non-daemon mode
  • configuration by file and/or command line

© Andrei Boros 2000 - 2002
E-mail :