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DVB daemon

Known bugs

  • Stopping dvbd does not release all filters. Restarting dvbd will give duplicate packets. To avoid this behaviour, drivers need to be unloaded and then loaded again, and then start dvbd again.
    STATUS : FIXED (dvbd3a, dvbd.c version 0.03.2b)
  • When starting dvbd with many filters and then stopping, dvbd may exit after a long wait, or computer crash with kernel panic.
    STATUS : unconfirmed by others
  • Unable to tune to lower Ku-band (ie OpenSky transponder). Intermediate frequency computed only in the case of high Ku-band, but for the entire LNB range.
    STATUS : FIXED (dvbd3 patch, dvbds (from dvbd2), dvbd-3a)
  • Cannot receive data from Sat-IP services that use MAC address of DVB card (such as StarSpeeder, Netsystem, OpenSky, etc), instead of a computed MAC from the source IP of the request packets (EON case. form IP of another network interface)
    STATUS : FIXED (dvbds (from dvbd2), patch described in Sat-HOWTO, all versions of dvbd3)
  • dvbd from dvbrouter package won't work with siemens-0.7 through siemens-0.8.2 drivers. Program exits with syslog message : invalid IOCTL : VIDIOCSFRONTEND. dvbd from dvbd2 package however works fine, also together with modified mrouted for use with EON's FAZZT service and Mulicast MPEG4 distributed video channels.
    STATUS : unconfirmed by others. Use dvbd from dvbd2 package, dvbds, dvbd3

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