Chapter 2: A Truly Historical Visit

When they awoke from their hyper-sleep, their skin was hanging off their faces, and they were very confused. “Where are we?” Taylor said, his speech blurred. As soon as they shook their faces to normal, 24/7 came in. “Current Location: Hope, Arkansas. Tracker’s Location: Oklahoma.” the decoder robotically chimed. “What was that?” Isaac screamed. Taylor and Isaac put their attention on Zac. “It wasn’t me!” he yelled. “Current carrier of 24/7: Zachary Walker Hanson the Second,” 24/7 chimed. “Jesus Christ!” Isaac yipped, then fainted. Zac dumped some water on his unfortunate brother, and Isaac woke up to the sight of a beautiful girl. “Are you guys okay? Is your car broke?” she asked from her front door. “Hello there, beautiful! You havin a little trouble at home?” Isaac said, coolly. “Nope, just some in Kosovo though.” she said, and they all fainted.

They woke up in a house with bright lights, vivid decorations, and a Worldwide Satellite Dish. “Holy crap, guys, where are we?” Zac asked as his brother started to stand up. “Welcome to my hometown, boys!” a familiar voice called. “Kosovo?” Isaac asked, drunkenly. “Screw Milosevic.” the voice said, and emerged from the shadows. “Oh my God, guys, we were rescued by THE PRESIDENT!” Taylor screamed. “That is exactly right. Are you those Hanson boys I got to see back in ‘97?” the President asked Taylor. “Yes, Mr. President. We are them.” “I never got to know your names.” “Isaac.” “Taylor.” “Zac.” “Well, it sure is nice to meet you.” “Look who’s talking! We’re talking to the highest ranking official in the Nation, and you’re glad to meet US?” Isaac asked, and broke down in laughter. “Never mind Isaac. He had too much laughing gas today.” “Oh, I see.”

The happiness soon turned to turmoil as the decoder that was swimming in Zachary’s stomach went off. “President located. This decoder will self-destruct in 79 seconds.” “Oh my God! I can’t believe this! Someone sock me in the stomach so this thing won’t explode!” Zac yelled. The President did not appear alarmed, nor angry, but DID help Isaac get the decoder to shut up. “Subject not in range. Explosion will now cease.” the decoder beeped shortly before they all sighed a sigh of relief. “That was close to being a National Security threat! You guys hungry for anything?” the President asked. “NO hamburgers!” Zac barked. “Oh, no, little Zac, we’re having steak tonight,” Bill chuckled. “Oh, well, what are waiting for? Let’s eat!”

After their dinner with the highest official in practically the world, Isaac, Taylor, and Zac hit the road. They left the Clintons with a promise to perform for them once again in the near future. However, 3 and 4 soon caught up with the First Family, and asked them if they saw Hanson. “I could’ve sworn they were going to Nashville, but I don’t know,” Bill said. 3 was satisfied. “Okay, let’s go find ‘em!”

That night, at the Clarion Hotel in Little Rock, the boys wondered what would become of them if the two spies found them. They stopped thinking and started watching television, and played games, just to get their minds off the fact that one of them was carrying a top-secret device. Only time would tell their future.

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