Heather's Drawing of the Month Presents:

Drawing of the Month for March 2001!

This is Kanashimi (yet another one of my incredibly clever names... hers means "grief" or "sorrow" in Japanese) from my story As the Wings of Darkness Spread. This picture may be kind of a spoiler, but oh well. How many of you actually wanna read my stuff anyway? It takes a long time to write... soooooooo..... yeah. She's a merperson who lives with the woman she thinks is her mother. There was the First Effervescence War 14 years ago, as her "mother" explains to her. She says she found Kanashimi and took her in as her own daughter. After Kana goes to bed, she wakes up to loud noises outside of the cave. The Second Effervescence War is starting, and the cave gets blown up. Mysteriously, Kana survives, but loses her memory. For the next two years, nothing happens. She gains parts of her memory back, and searches for other merpeople... but she never finds any... (REAL ones anyway...)

Questions or comments on my Kanashimi? Please send them to me at either my email address or our email address. I don't care which, I just want some feedback. Feedback is good. And if you ever want to hear any more about the weak plotline to some of my stories, feel free to ask some more questions. I'll usually reply really quickly to your mails, because I have no life... ^_^ Not that I'm saying that if I reply to your emails.... ah never mind. Too much to type... too hard to explain.

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