Okay, so you're thinking right about now... "I have this HUGE problem. I don't have any clue of how to fix it. I really, really need some help, here!" We don't know what that problem is without specific detail, and we won't know how to fix it unless you have exhausted all other possibilities first!

For example:
You have a major code with programming a page. Your images won't show up. You want our help, but you email us saying, "help me, my images won't show up on my webpage!" So what's wrong with that?
1. Where is your webpage located? Maybe they don't support your file type. For that matter...
2. What file type IS your image? JPEG, GIF, TIFF, TARGA, BITMAP, what? What's the file extension? .jpg, .bmp, .tga, .tif, .psx, .psp, .gif, you get the idea.
What kind of FTP system do you use? WS_FTP LE, Cute FTP, or do you not use one at all?

The list goes on and on. Now that we have you thoroughly confused, we'll tell you what we are trying to say. BE SPECIFIC!

On to the first major problem:

1. Help me! Some of my HTML files aren't showing up on my homepage. Could you be of some assistance to me?
Sure. First, try these tips:
- Make sure all of your files are written in the same HTML code. Take for example, you've written everything in all lowercase. Keep it that way throughout your webpage. If you've written everything in all CAPS, the keep it that way (although lowercase is STRONGLY recommended over caps!).

- If it is an image, make sure the file was transferred (in FTP) as a BINARY file. If your system was configured to send it as an ASCII file, it sent it as text. That's never good. To change it, go into your FTP program and click the BINARY button before sending any pictures. Be sure to change it back when sending any text files, such as HTML codes. Or you can select AUTO, which will automatically configure to send everything the way it *should* be sent.

- Also, for an image, be sure you have the right extension name. Sometimes things aren't always .jpg , they can be .gif or .bmp or whatever. Always double-check.

- So an image isn't showing up at all and you know that it is the right extension, and FTP'd correctly. Then maybe you forgot your directory name. If you FTP images into a folder called "images," then remember to put in your image code WITH YOUR DIRECTORY! ( img src="images/image.jpg) <-- something like that.

Still having problems? Then send us an email. We have some pre-filled out forms here for you. The subject line is important, because it helps us figure out what your problem is... but you have to fill out the body. Fill it out and describe your problem as best you can.

For image troubles

For general HTML troubles

For soundfile problems (please specify which browser you are using in this email! It is very important!)

Okay, we've hopefully covered enough for your webpage. Now you're having problems say, following our walkthroughs? Well, there's not much we can do about that. Please email us with one of these emails and we will try to redo a walkthrough especially for you!

Help with bodies

Help with the faces

Hands/feet/various other body parts

What's this? You can't get a KiSS Doll's programming right? Well, then... try Otakuworld first. They are the owner of this wonderful program and you should probably download some walkthroughs from that area first. If you are still having problems...

Normal KiSS Problemos.

FKiSS Problemos.

FKiSS 2 Problemos.

That stupid .LZH compression utility...THOSE kinds of problems

That's about all we feel like writing about for now. If you have further questions, please feel free to email us with the specifics and we'll try to help you.

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