Megan's Drawing of the Month Presents:

Drawing of the Month for July 2001

These people are Rei, Lorne, and Zide Ane (zee-day ah-nay). They are from Shonen Chikara, our manga you hear so much about. She comes in later, and is a certain somebody's love interest. She has no REAL purpose. She's the girl on the left, and the guy behind her is her cousin Lorne. The little dude in the bottom is her little brother Zide Ane. She's very protective of him, so don't make her mad.

Email me or something. Tell me I suck. I don't care. ME! TELL ME STUFF!! Hmm. . . if you steal. . . I shall take marshmalows and gouge your eyes out with them! Then I shall take your hair, cut it all off, and tie you up! Wait, I'll do that first, THEN gouge out your eyes with marshmallows. Hmm. . . the physics of it all.

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