Wiring 2 PSU's


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Wiring 2 PSU's
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Some serious thought was needed in deciding how to power the TEC.  After some tinkering with external power supplies, I decided to add a second PSU to my rig  and dedicate that to powering the TEC and all my fans.  The 156W TEC draws 16.1A @ 15.8V.  I wanted to run the TEC at 80% VMax, which just so happens to be 12V.  At 12V, the TEC will draw approx. 13A.  I decided on purchasing the Enermax EG451P-VE 430W PSU from Plycon, which is rated to handle a draw of 15A.  

In order to have both power supplies come on at the same time when you switch on the power button, you need to wire them together.  Thanks to bp6.gamesquad.net for providing this picture.  This is the diagram I followed and it works perfectly.

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