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To show you how much better the SwiftTech block is compared to the older OC Hideout block, I have some pictures of them side by side.  The OC Hideout block is 2" x 2" and the SwiftTech block is 3" x 3".  The SwiftTech block is truly a work of art, the pictures speak for themselves.  The block is aluminum with a copper insert.  Note that I removed the aluminum elbows that come with the block, as I prefer to use 3/8" i.d. tubing as opposed to 3/8" o.d. tubing (which is what the block is set up to use).


cold plates side by side:


TEC's side by side (40mmx40mm/50mmx50mm):

Here is what the water-block looks like when it's mounted:


A few [H]OCP'ers have e-mailed me asking about whether or not I use a cold plate.  It's pretty hard to see in the photo's above, but I ripped a few off from Gabe over at SwiftTech.

FIrst of all, here is how the standoff's mount to the motherboard:


Note the compression springs in the drawing above and in my pictures.  Per SwiftTech, AMD specifies and exact amount of pressure to be applied on to the CPU core in order to maximize cooling and of course, not to break the fucking' core.  Gabe states these springs apply the exact amount of pressure as specified by AMD.

The TEC is sandwiched between the water-block and the cold plate.  Guess what?  It is all actually held in place by machined bolts, as opposed to Crazy Glue- which you will have to use with an inferior water-block.



Read on to see what coolant "recipe" I used and while my box was ripped apart, I decided to add some extra cooling to my Northbridge and Southbridge chipsets.


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