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"Behold a white horse....." (Rev.6:2)
The five-fold ministry is likened to the white horse on which Christ is seated

"Truly the signs of an apostle were accomplished among you with all perseverance, in signs and wonders and mighty deeds (2 Cor.12: 12)."

N.Samuel, Editor, "Deva Ekkalam"
A true apostle of Christ Jesus in India

This web-site is dedicated to the Apostles, whom Christ appoints in the first place in His Body, the universal Church.  Even now, there are apostles in our midst whom we may not recognize.  I have fellowship with a dear apostle in India.  He is N.Samuel, Editor, "Deva Ekkalam", Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu.

An apostle is one who is appointed by God, in the first place, in the body of Christ (I Cor.12: 28) and who is being sent by God on a mission of preaching the glorious gospel to the lost souls in places where Christ is not named and of establishing churches in such places; they ordain ministers and elders in the churches (2 Cor.10: 16 & Acts 16:4-5).  They also confirm the souls of the disciples and exhort them to continue in the faith (Acts 14:22). They visit the people in those places where they have already preached the gospel to see how they are growing in the faith. (Acts 15:36). They also deal with the doctrinal issues, which confuse the churches by rightly interpreting the Word (Acts 15:36).

(Job Anbalagan)

Glory of His Cross Prophetic Ministries



The Dobting Thomas!
Thomas, the apostle of India

Apostle Thomas, the Apostle of India
One of the twelve apostles of the New Testament period, namely, Thomas, known as Doubting Thomas and also as the first Apostle of India, was first prepared to die with Jesus when Christ went to Jerusalem, but later doubted the very resurrection until he was allowed to touch Christs wounds. He preached the gospel in Parthia, Persia and India, though he was so reluctant to start the mission that he had to be taken into slavery by a merchant headed that way.  Eventually, he gave in to Gods will and was freed. He came to India in 52 A.D., and landed at Kodungallur on the Malabar (presently Kerala) coast.  He preached the gospel to the Brahmin families of Kerala, many of whom received the faith. He established seven churches there.  He frequently visited Malayattor hills for prayer.  Later, he moved on to the east coast of India.  He was martyred in 72 A.D. by a fanatic at Little Mount (near Chennai, Tamil Nadu, South India) and his body was brought to Mylapore (near Chennai) and was buried there. 



About our ministry 

The Lord has entrusted us with a prophetic ministry to the Body of Christ  (I Cor.12: 27-28 & Eph.4: 11) aimed at rightly interpreting the Word of God and thus exposing the false doctrines, giving prophetic messages to the churches and warning His people (Ch.2-3 of Rev.), strengthening the disciples of Christ Jesus in their faith and ministry (Acts 15:32), defining or confirming Gods will in regard to the calling and ministry of the disciples of Christ (Acts 13:1-3), revealing the future as led by the Holy Spirit (Acts 21:10-11).

Job Anbalagan


Glory of His Cross Prophetic Ministries (India)

The Christian 

The suffering Apostle!


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