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Noah Bourque
Pregnancy (or "Angie shows some belly")
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t19jun04newmommy.jpg (10803 bytes)It all started in September. You can't tell by this 4-week picture in October 03, but Noah's already 10% of the way there. Due date: June 11th, 2004.
t19jun04newmommy.jpg (10803 bytes)We got a 12-week sonogram in November, and the little guy (at this time known as "Itty") was just bouncing around in there. This is the picture (um, slightly modified) that we sent out at Christmas.
t19jun04newmommy.jpg (10803 bytes)Here's January 2004, 20 weeks along, and you still can't tell much.
t19jun04newmommy.jpg (10803 bytes)One month later, things are really starting to show. About this time was when we started to feel little "Itty" kick a lot. Judging by his performance, he's destined to become an NFL kicker!
t19jun04newmommy.jpg (10803 bytes)We decided to enjoy our "freedom" while we still could, so in March (28 weeks), we hopped in the car and drove all over the Southwest visiting National Parks (for more on these trips, see our National Parks website). This is at Saguaro National Park near Tucson, Arizona--funny how that belly resembles the flora.
t19jun04newmommy.jpg (10803 bytes)Things got a bit more round those last few months. We'd heard many horror stories about how uncomfortable and miserable the last trimester could be, but God was gracious. Angie was pretty comfortable and mobile all the way through her due date.
t19jun04newmommy.jpg (10803 bytes)Is that a watermelon or what! This is 38 weeks, only 3 weeks before we actually delivered.

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